Monday Blues, Mermaid Brows

Why bother with make up if you’re not going to enjoy it? With no hot dates, birthday parties that I couldn’t make, and a lot of work I didn’t want to do — I decided to colour in my eyebrows. I’ve always desperately envied people with wild hair colours, but after a dyeing disaster two years ago, I’ve never felt up to taking the risk. Eyebrows seemed like a much safer bet. Funnily enough, too, I absolutely fell in love with the look — whether or not I’d actually be brave enough to go outside with them is a different story, though.

Overall, my make up was a lot heavier than usual – I contoured not only my cheeks, but also my chin and jaw line, my nose (I’m getting way too in to contouring my nose), and my forehead. My eye shadow was high shine, and extended up and outwards among my brow, and over the bags under my eyes. Instead of opting for one of my normal pink-tone highlighters, I used the same silver as was around my eyes on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.

For a list of products and close up shots, read on –

Eyes –

Collection, Work the Colour blue eyeshadow palette — I used the pale blue on the centre of my lid and the glittery navy along my upper lashes

W7 Up in Smoke — I used the pink (NYC) to lightly blend with the pale blue, I used All White and Cement as highlighters

17 Blowout mascara — this is just a fantastic, cheap as chips mascara. It’s very not water proof and it’s huge brush can sometimes be messy, but it works wonders on my otherwise boring lashes.

Eyebrows –

Bourjois sparkling eyeliner in pale blue (first layer — fully fill brows)

Marcelle eyebrow crayon in Granite (second layer — used on the bottom side of the brow, then brush out)

Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Electric Blue (final layer — it’s a very soft and rich pencil, so just a single continuous line through the brow, then brush the colour through)

Face –

Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

Maybelline Matte Maker powder

Topshop contour cream in Sweep

Beauty UK blush in Upper East Side (#3)

and of course my trusty contour palette, by Coastal Scents but bought straight from the manufacturer (TQ MUA friends!)

Going heavy on the darker browns and then using such a sheer, silver-based product as highlighter really gave me a bronzed look. The blush by Beauty UK was actually something I was considering throwing out, but seeing how well it blended with my contour cream, I’m pretty impressed. In the packaging it looks almost purple, so the rosy tint it gave me was unexpected, but definitely a positive.

Lips –

Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in a dusty pink

Benefit lip gloss in Kiss You

And finally, what I really appreciated about this look, was how well it edited! Nothing like a good filter, at the end of a hard day.

Love you all! Don’t let Monday bring you down x


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