Travel Tag!

Paris, the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

I was super excited to be tagged by Nicky over on La Joie de Livres (check her out, she’s an incredibly accomplished writer and traveler!), but have actually been awful and taken my own sweet time to get this done. Oops and sorry for going off the grid! For a 22 year old, I think I’ve been ever so privileged to have done as much travelling as I have: born in England, immediately moved to Germany, back to England, to Malaysia, to Australia, back to Malaysia, and finally back to England (ta-da that’s me now). Travelling in South East Asia was my equivalent to the British going to Cornwall, the South of France, and Majorca — flights with Air Asia being [often much] cheaper than the domestic train or even bus tickets there.

In this post I answer a whopping 11 questions, share pictures from my more recent travels, pose my own travel questions, and then tag anyone who may be interested. If I haven’t tagged you and you’d still like to do it, by all means do, and comment with the link so I can check out your answers and read all about your adventures!

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