D&G Unboxing!

Oh man, I should not be allowed in Duty Free. On Wednesday morning I flew out of Heathrow Terminal 5, and somehow between security and boarding I’d spent £80. To be totally fair, about £20 of that was on edible gifts for the fam! But anyway.

I’m a sucker for perfume and have had to throw out my Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey AND my Calvin Klein Eternity Moment in the last week because I’ve simply had them for too long and I used to keep all my perfume on my window sill – which I’m sure didn’t help. They smelled pretty acidic and actually made my skin tingle when I sprayed them, so, in the bin! My other ‘need’ (used very loosely), was a new foundation. I use a cheapo but wonderful luminous foundation from Collection Cosmetics (but it can sometimes be a little goopy and a lot of product comes out, which is pretty wasteful), and my absolute favourite Dior BB cream from their Nudeskin collection. I thought it was high time I got myself a ~fancy~ foundation, with better coverage than the BB cream but the same luminosity and glow as my Collection foundation.

In Duty Free I mooched about and swatched a couple things. The Mac counter was super, super busy so I gave it a miss entirely. I went over to Dior to try out their foundation options, though I had tried the Nudeskin foundation line when I bought my BB cream and wasn’t a fan – it seemed to make all the hairs on my face stand out! The lady working there was super lovely, but I wasn’t all that excited by the options. I’m really pale with large pores and quite bumpy combination skin, so it’s difficult to find something that really works. I passed on Tom Ford because it was just too expensive. They only stocked one Nars foundation and it may have been a bit old because it was really thick and, though it was the lightest shade, quite orange toned. My other option, which I’d been considering for a while because both my flatmates love it, is Estée Lauder’s double wear, but I was worried because I’d heard that it was quite thick. I did swatch it and was actually really impressed – honestly, I might cave and buy myself some on the way back home!

What I ended up buying though was D&Gs  The Foundation, of the luminous variant (the also had matte – which truly was super matte! But I like looking a bit dewy and having a glow, especially if I’m going to use a finishing powder anyway).

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Haul: 3ina Makeup

Hello all! Just a quick one from me. Had a lovely shop the other week and stocked up on some of my favourite essentials: unicorn inspired nail polish and dark nude lipsticks.

The brand is 3ina (not Mina!), and was created by some of the designers from New Look. Prices are drug store style – less than L’Oreal or Revlon, but more than Makeup Revolution. Their original lipstick line was one of the more reasonable I’d seen, with each lipstick priced at £4.95. I’d never heard of 3ina until seeing the store in Covent Garden, next to the Charlotte Tillbury and opposite the MAC!

The first lipstick: The Matte Lipstick in 411, £6.45

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NYX ~ Liquid Lipstick Haul

Hi all! I had a cheeky buying spree on the Boots website and ended up with these five lipsticks. More money than I’d usually spend on makeup in one go (£30 for the five), but oh well! I did a substantial bit of research before buying and looked at a lot of swatches – funnily enough, all the swatches I saw were slightly different looking. So glad that there’s finally an NYX counter in London (typical timing: the weekend after I buy this lot haha), because I know if I had swatched some of these in store, I probably wouldn’t have bought a couple of them – not my usual colours, but good that it’s getting me out of my comfort zone I guess.

I bought three lipsticks from their Matte lip cream collection – Stockholm, Antwerp and Istanbul. One of their Liquid Suede lipsticks, in Soft-Spoken, and one from their Lingerie collection, which has only come out recently here in the UK, in Ruffle-Trim. I can’t really pull off a pale brown lipstick, and went for these browns as they had reddish undertones. I also felt that a more matte brown, rather than the glossier browns I’d tried before, would work better with my pale and warm skin tone. I’ll have a look at the packaging and then do a ton of swatching! Enjoy xx

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intu MK Shopping Centre: haul and #fotd

So we all know I could shop for England. But last Monday I was super restrained, perhaps mostly because I was out with my mum and aunt and uncle, and we only had a few hours. But! What I did buy I was super, super happy with – so maybe there’s something to be said for not going over the top when purchasing.

What I bought:

  • Topshop fur hat (£1!! Love sales)
  • Topshop shift dress (£34)
  • Elle Macpherson bra (£12.99 from TK Maxx, the original tag says its RRP was $99 – so incredible savings there)
  • Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns palette
  • MUA concealer in fair, and their colour correcting powder
  • Maybelline’s Great Lash and matte finishing powder
  • And my fave makeup wipes as they were half price at Superdrug, Nivea’s exfoliating wipes

It was also the first time I’d been out shopping since I had my surgery, so I felt the need to dress up a bit and look my most presentable. It was my first experience of accessible shopping, as I was out in my wheelchair, and I couldn’t have managed without my family helping me reach things, navigate shops and get between rails, carry items, and even try things on in the changing room.  The staff I encountered in the shops were all super wonderful and accomodating, especially in Topshop.

Anyway! I wanted a look that would last, survive trying on clothes (biggest pet peeve in the world: people who leave makeup stains on clothes), and would distract from the huge cast on my leg.

I went for ultra thin and sharp wings (using the tape trick to help) and lots of rosy highlighter to give me some colour.

Close-ups of the products bought –

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Soap & Glory Haul

I was first introduced to Soap & Glory by a much-older cousin, when I was in my awkward teenagery phase – cheeky slogan fan, parent-hating, too-cool-4-u, etc. Overall horrendous. But, said cousin got me a little slogan make up bag and it was indeed COOL. Soap & Glory is definitely still cool. COOL in caps, even. Pun-ny names and witty one-liners, pink packaging, vintage decos. It’s like Benefit on a budget, and better (if I daresay).

Up until last week I hadn’t ever used their make up; I have their “Clean On Me” shower stuff which I use every shower and is plain heavenly, and have previously used their bubble bath and shower gels and hand creams and that sponge loofah round thing that I still don’t know the name of. Basically I liked them and trusted their brand. And, actually, to be completely honest I didn’t know they even did make up! It wasn’t until a friend came to stay a couple weeks ago, and went, totally unprompted, on a huge spiel about how fantastic their Supercat eyeliner is that I discovered that yes, they do also do make up. Accessible make up, too! I bought mine online at Boots, with free in store collection, and they had a 3-for-2 promotion on. Super fab.

What did I buy?

  1. Archery Brow Palette, £12. A brow compact with good sized mirror, two mini brushes (one double ended), and includes wax, highlighter, and brown and blonde brow powder.
  2. It’s About Prime, £8. An eyelid primer, available in two colours. This was in the lighter shade, “Bright Light”.
  3. Supercat Eyeliner Pen, £6. Your standard looking eyeliner pen, slim felt-tip style in black.

Here’s a closer look at the products and their packaging:

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