Fish Face


I appreciate that some context might be necessary.

The Instagram account Undiscovered Muas occasionally runs some incred challenges, and for the first time I was like “hey! I can do this too!” and so I did. Every day has two themes, and you can choose which one you want to do — today’s was under the sea or in the jungle (…I’m really hoping it’s apparent as to which one I chose..)

I google imaged mermaid make up and pretty much instantly regressed to “no wait I can’t do this”, but then bucked up and was like NO I CAN, especially because I do genuinely harbor the belief that not only do I belong in the sea, but also all humans originate from the ocean. So really, no excuses here.

Blue seems to be my current make up colour of choice, and maybe being a blonde/blue eyed/pale/blue-loving/ocean-loving person has something to do with that, but who knows.

I went for: blue brows, blue lips, blue cheeks. I used silver in large amounts. I also used Mary Kay’s translucent powder, which gives you an ethereal glow (yes please!). To create ‘scales’, I read that you could use fishnet (ironic) or something latticed as a template or stencil — you hold the net/lattice to your face, dust the colour over the top, then remove your net/lattice and ta-da you have scale like shapes on your face. Now, the problem here was that I did not have anything net-like. After some attempts, including trying to unassemble my small fan and use the net of an aged Barbie dress (sadly not even being dramatic here, and have the photos to prove it), I gave up. You know, in hindsight, this look made me do some totally mad things. I literally sat in my bed and poured a bottle of water over my head so I could get some wet hair in the frame. Smh.

Anyway. I ended up using a rounded brush (from my W7 Up in Smoke palette) to create rounded dashes in four shades — and this technique made the ‘scales’ on mah face.

Initially I didn’t have any eye make up on either, and had dusted my eyes and lashes with bright silver. It looked super creepy (I loved it), but then I figured I should probably do something, so I made fat and lopsided wings instead. Oops. My product list is also going to be totally whack because I used eyeshadow on my face, eyeliner in my eyebrows, and eyeliner and eyeshadow on my lips. So! All fun and games here, friends. Anyway. Down to how I did it, because that’s what you’re here for I guess, not just to look at photos of me being a smug-ass mermaid.

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Beauty Challenge: Rock Festival

Safe to say I’m further away from ‘rock chick’ than David Mitchell is from being an acid-tripping hooligan (okay, slightly dramatic). I am no Eagles-aficionado, and though I did grow up on Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones, I have certainly deviated from the path my old-rocker-Depeche Mode-loving father set me on. I’m more ..hard electro grunge, meets Barbie and unicorns, ya feel?

Anyway! One of the lovely beauty bloggers I know has decided to set up her own net of gals to do weekly thematic challenges. So, week #1 is ‘Rock Festival’, and you can do a response in the form of beauty and make up, an outfit (either of your own or on polyvore) or flatlay, or basically whatever the hell you like! That’s how I like my challenges: flexible.

Here’s my make up look!


I went for a strong but natural brow, thick winged eyeliner, blood lips, and gold tones. I also popped a spare horseshoe septum ring on my bottom lip and stuck my tongue out a lot. Unintentionally, my outfit also worked out: black oversized tee (that I wear as a dress) with wolves howling at the moon from The Mountain, gold septum ring from Tribu, and long gold necklace with crystal from Topshop. Wings and hair for retro vibes (like good rock, right? Something about the olden days?), metal in face for general badassery, vamp-y big dark lips. I went for golden tones because ‘golden oldies’, and also it just suits me better.

I think this is definitely an ‘inspired by-‘ look, seeing as if I were actually at a festival, I’d most like be completely makeupless, or at least well-waterproofed, and have my hair in a very messy ponytail!

Read on for a how-to and the products used ~

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