Damaged: hot oil hair treatment

As someone who four years ago had a black bob .. I’m pretty tough on my hair regime now. Having really long and thick hair is a total blessing and though I get a weekly urge to either cut it all off or bleach it again, I keep myself in check and remember that I’m lucky to have great quality hair, and also have a really lovely natural colour. The one thing I do need to do is keep my hair moisturized, particularly the ends which are still the remnants of my bleach/bleach/colour strip/bleach/box dye cycle (eek, eek). I have a lot of broken hair (baby hair) and so I have found myself blow drying and straightening my hair more often than usual, and that really adversely effects the quality of my hair, even if I’m using protector sprays.

I went into my favourite little Lush (in Waterloo Station, it’s the smallest Lush in the country!) and was looking to branch out in my Lush products anyway, so asked the lovely girl (Amy, we now follow each other on Instagram haha, oops!) for some recommendations. I came away with Damaged, a hot oil treatment priced at £6.50, and a little tester pot of R&B (which by the way, I really did enjoy and actually preferred to Damaged – found there was a more immediate difference and I preferred the scent). Anyway! Here’s a bit of a photo journal of the steps it takes to use the product, and then a little before and after.

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Bath cocktail: Comforter, You’ve Been Mangoed and Yoga

Two of my main things in life: I have to smell good, and I have to have soft skin. As I harp on about, I am so proud of my super soft skin! Keeping it soft isn’t something I necessarily need to work at, but it’s something I really enjoy working at. After a 9-5 I was very ready for this.

Some plant life had to be involved (of course). Candles because I’m a sucker for a good candle. And wine, because .. because wine. Always wine.

The Lush products on show today: The Comforter (one of the quintessential Lush bubble bars, also comes as a shower gel), You’ve Been Mangoed (a bath oil, and definitely smells like mango!), and the Yoga bathbomb.

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Seanik Shampoo Bar

My first shampoo bar!

I’ve wanted to try one out for a while, in part because obviously I want to try out every Lush product ever but also because I heard how many washes you can get out of a single bar. 84! Incredible.

But why Seanik? Well. I was drawn to the colour, first of all. But mostly it was the wonderful smell and the promises of beachy salt hair. Having just come back from a week at the ocean, I was seriously missing the feeling of beach hair. The smell is truly of the ocean, and very reminiscent of one of my #1s, Rub Rub Rub. In fact, a quick comparison of the ingredients list (Seanik on the left, Rub on the right), shows that there’s a fair amount of overlap:

Definitely makes sense as to why I was so drawn to the product. Rub also advertises the fact that you can put it in your hair, if you’re looking for extra volume, but I can’t say I’ve tried that out.

I was both skeptical and curious about how a shampoo bar actually works, so to see the really quite incredible lather that the little bar worked up seemed like nothing short of magic. You can build up a lather in your own hands, then get your hands into your hair; or you can begin to build a lather up and then actually rub the bar itself on your hair a little bit too! 

What happens to the seaweed bits?

They dissolve! I was glad of this, as I had images of me having bits of seaweed glued into my hair.

Does the colour stain?

Nope! I was a little bemused by the colour that initially comes out of the bar, but that had no effect on my own hair colour. Makes sense, especially when I think about some of the more extreme colours that come out of bathbombs – and they’ve never stained me!

How do you store a shampoo bar?

Lush sells little round tins that you can store them in, but bizarrely this shampoo bar doesn’t fit in it – or at least, my particular shampoo bar doesn’t fit. I’m thinking that after a couple more uses it’ll be okay though! For now it sits where a soap bar would normally sit, and my boyfriend has strict instructions to not get it wet when he has his shower!

Does the smell last in your hair?

Initially, yes. I was pretty impressed actually by this – I used a non-Lush conditioner that reeks of shea but even after drying my hair I could still smell the Seanik. In fact, just gave my hair a good smell and can confirm that after 13 hours I can still smell it, even though I used a different scented conditioner afterwards!

Does it really effect volume?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell because I do use a conditioning product afterwards, and my hair is naturally pretty big and wavy. Sorry I can’t give a better answer!

Any detrimental effects?

Sadly yes, I find. So I have to take pretty decent care of my hair after putting it through actual hell with bleaching and dyeing and stripping and bleaching and dyeing etc., and even though my hair is now 100% my natural colour, it can still be pretty delicate. I have a lot of broken hair and my ends are super dry – I found that this shampoo bar was pretty drying, and perhaps because of the stickiness of the salt, my hair also got pretty matted afterwards. I’ve rectified that now by making sure that after its dry I get a good brush and braid in, and I use a good restorative conditioner to lock that moisture in. A bummer, really! I think once this one has run out I’ll look at getting something a little more hydrating, rather than stripping.

seanik sharing a spot with my other current Lush go-tos

Anyway! That’s all folks. It’s good to be back. Have a good week ❤️

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub Review

More Lush-related posts from me, and nope, not even sorry!

This post is, believe it or not, not about a bathbomb or bubble bar – it’s about Rub Rub Rub, a fabulous pot of sea salty goodness.

I got this shower scrub in a gift box, which was part of my Christmas present from my boyfriend. I’d never branched out before, and had always kind of thought of Lush’s non-colourful, not-bathbomb stuff as being typically plant smelling and inexplicably gritty. Funnily enough, my favourite bathbomb and bubble bars are both ‘plant smelling’ and this product certainly has some of the gritty factor! I just have to face the fact that I’m totally Lush obsessed! Continue reading

Superdad Bathbomb

Hi all! Happy Monday! Today I had a shopping session at my local Lush (the tiniest Lush in the UK, it’s in Waterloo station!) ~ I had the loveliest chat with the lady working there and I ended up with two hair products, a soap, and this bathbomb (which was the only thing I had actually intended to buy haha)!

The hair products were definitely not my usual thing, I tend to only buy bathbombs and the odd bubble bar. However, my hair has been so brittle recently and one of my favourite Instagrammers (who happens to work at Lush) has recommend a fab conditioning treatment so I went in to ask about their hair-saving products. When I try them out, I promise to blog about them! Today I used the Superdad bathbomb and am saving the hair products for another day.

I started the bath with some remnants of a Brightside bubble bar, and I have to say the two scents work really well together!

Brightside is heavy on the orange, and Superdad is all about wood-y scents – sandalwood, guaiac wood and olibanum oil. It’s all calming and chill, and would be perfect for a candlelit evening.

The first drop:

I’ve never used two products at once, and I don’t know if it was for this reason or if it was just the bathbomb itself, but it was a slow burner! It went on for a long time, and there were still bits going half an hour into the bath. Continue reading

Essentials: Bank Holiday Weekend Edition

I’ve spent this Bank Holiday weekend down in Chilham, Kent, with my boyfriend and his lovely (and extensive!) family. It’s been absolutely wonderful and has involved lots of swimming, running around and trampolining and playing football, but then also dressing up for three course dinners and drinking for hours at a time. From an eight year old to an eighty year old, and also now two very little ones, you’ve got to be able to cover all the bases – fun in the sun and political chat.

Packing is always tricky, as you need to manage to get dinner appropriate outfits, swimwear and running around in mud clothes all into a weekend bag. The only place I really failed on this trip was in the shoe department – not only did the weather report (sun and warmth) fall through (mostly grey, wet and cold), but I also ended up playing football bare foot which has left me with some nasty bruises! Definitely some kind of lace up for next time. I had my nice summery dress and playsuit, smart dress and a trouser/jumper combo for the dinners, and gym leggings plus jumper and tee for running about. Somehow all went into my backpack!

Of course, what this post is really about is the fun stuff – my current beauty must-haves, all crammed into a sandwich bag.

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Intergalactic – Lush Bathbomb

Okay, I’m beginning to get a few too many ‘my favourite EVER!’ bathbombs – because this is definitely one of them. I can have multiple favourites, right?!

I think this has got to be the most magical in terms of its aftermath. Some bathbombs are beautiful but die out quick, some even leave your water a nasty colour after putting on their pretty show (like the Experimenter leaving the water that weird grey, or any bathbomb that leaves it pee colour – no thanks).

This bathbomb left me utterly, utterly transfixed – was my water the midnight sky, complete with twinkling stars, or was it the very depths of the ocean? I did not want to get out of this bath. I tend to have baths where I do something else at the same time – on my phone using social media or prepping blog posts, even setting up my laptop across from me so I can catch up on shows. With intergalactic, there was none of that – no electronic distractions, just too busy enjoying being in this bath. Continue reading