On the First Day of Christmas

My true love gave me to me, well, a lamp! I desperately needed a lamp on my side of the bed and so tada! Early Christmas present.

Also: I got to open the first day of my Makeup Revolution advent calendar! So exciting! I got it when it was marked down to £25, and it contains a whopping £50 worth of makeup inside, including lipglosses, blushes and highlighters, nail polishes and a palette for Christmas Day. 

Each product isn’t exactly a surprise – the nail polishes are behind nail polish shaped windows, but, the blushes, highlighters and single eyeshadows are all the same shape, so that’ll be exciting!

So day one: a nail polish in classic red. Nail polish is the one product I haven’t tried from Makeup Revolution, but I’m so glad that I now have! I got the colour shown with only one coat, which is pretty unheard of, and it dried in under a minute. I was also quite happy as its world AIDs day, which is where you wear red, so it worked out really rather nicely.

Hello to December, and hello to exciting makeup surprises! Xx


Ciaté: Sand Dune

I picked up two Ciaté nailpolish paint pots in TK Maxx as part of my intu MK haul – a beautiful gold, Sand Dune (PP085), and a magical gold and purple oil-spill, Spending Spree (108). This post is about the Sand Dune, which I am particularly in love with!

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Strawberry Milkshake

Grey skies be gone! Here’s a wild injection of colour for your evening.


Nails are Strawberry Milkshake by Ciaté! Goes on a dream, and dries quick. Also looks killer under a matte top coat. Kept it high shine for this gloomy day though. It’s a fab shade of pink. Matches everything from my phone case to Alpacasso.

Chanel, in Quartz

I looooove this colour! It’s wonderfully subtle, and has this weird ability to go with everything. I don’t think it’s named correctly — it really isn’t a classic quartz, but instead has smokier features.

It’s a very thin nail polish, and requires a good two coats on. It takes longer to dry (sadly) than you’d expect from such a high brow brand, but the quality is there in terms of how long it lasts. It is very high shine and reflective, and in natural light it’s almost silver.

This is one of my more natural colours (i.e. not a neon), and also my go-to when fussing over which colour to wear. My nails aren’t in great shape, so I am impressed by how well the polish, despite being initially thin, hides the ridges and uneven texture of them.

Whilst I do recommend the colour (imagine these nails but with a stone a-line, or a metallic, beaded evening gown — versatile!), the polish retails at £17.50 and I can’t say the quality is in accordance with such a hefty price tag. I also got mine secondhand but unused in a nail polish bulk sale through a friend, so I paid a heavily discounted price (like, £10 for 1x OPI, 3x Ciate, 2x Essie.. it was amazing). Buying products like nail polish secondhand is always a risky business in that you don’t know how much is left, how old it is, or the reasons they’re selling it — but sometimes it’s worth the risk, as it was for me in this case.


Pink is absolutely one of my favourite colours, and yesterday I just could not choose which shade out of my polish collection I wanted — so I went for three! Why not.

The left hand has three coral nails, with baby pink on the middle and magenta on the ring, and the right hand has three magenta nails, with coral on the middle and baby on the ring.

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Opi Suede in Aragon

This is a particularly overdue post! A couple weeks ago, I was very excited as a gal in one of my Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell groups was selling a selection of nail polishes for just £10. The selection included two mini Ciate’s, a Chanel, and an OPI – so I was aaaall over that!

This particular OPI (Suede: Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow) is, I have since learnt, a limited edition nail polish and wasn’t launched with the main six suedes that first hit shelves. It was in Fall 2010 that this was first launched (the colour “Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow” already existed, but as a regular polish).

I was vaguely aware that suede nail polishes existed, and went into this with zero expectations.


TLDR: Absolutely stunning colour and matte finish. Relatively quick drying. Needs two coats for solid colour. BUT. And this is a biggie, it left my nails disgustingly yellow.

Pictures, progress, details and finishing comments:

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