Chanel, in Quartz

I looooove this colour! It’s wonderfully subtle, and has this weird ability to go with everything. I don’t think it’s named correctly — it really isn’t a classic quartz, but instead has smokier features.

It’s a very thin nail polish, and requires a good two coats on. It takes longer to dry (sadly) than you’d expect from such a high brow brand, but the quality is there in terms of how long it lasts. It is very high shine and reflective, and in natural light it’s almost silver.

This is one of my more natural colours (i.e. not a neon), and also my go-to when fussing over which colour to wear. My nails aren’t in great shape, so I am impressed by how well the polish, despite being initially thin, hides the ridges and uneven texture of them.

Whilst I do recommend the colour (imagine these nails but with a stone a-line, or a metallic, beaded evening gown — versatile!), the polish retails at £17.50 and I can’t say the quality is in accordance with such a hefty price tag. I also got mine secondhand but unused in a nail polish bulk sale through a friend, so I paid a heavily discounted price (like, £10 for 1x OPI, 3x Ciate, 2x Essie.. it was amazing). Buying products like nail polish secondhand is always a risky business in that you don’t know how much is left, how old it is, or the reasons they’re selling it — but sometimes it’s worth the risk, as it was for me in this case.


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