Barbie Tutorial!

I am a Barbie fan, there’s no denying it. She was one of my most played with toys growing up, and I had a lot of her paraphernalia – the car, the dining room, a faux marble bathroom. Being blonde, there’s an instantly relatable factor, plus we both happen to have impeccable taste and love shoes, what can I say.

With Halloween fast approaching, I’m inclined to think of ways that I can use makeup to bring my character a little more to life, rather than relying wholly on a costume. And, with the purchase of a new lipstick, Makeup Revolution’s Ken Will Want Me, Barbie seemed to make a whole lot of sense.

This lipstick is literally Barbie. It is absolutely her colour.

Exhibit A! Literally her colour.

Makeup, judging by my google image research, goes like this:

Lips: defined top and wide bottom, bright pink

Eyebrows: pale brown, soft and gently sloped

Eyes: black winged liner, full lashes, brown liner on bottom, lid defined by a brown line, pink eyeshadow above it

Face: cheeks are lightly pink, face is a full and rounded shape, very light under the eyes, bridge of nose is flat and undefined

I doubled checked with alternate depictions of her, to see if this was pretty standard –

It was! I’m pretty smiley about her having a rounded face, I’m down a lot of the time about how round mine is, so good thing I’ve found such a role model at age 22 hey.

Here’s how I attempted to mirror her look –

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Happy Belated Bi Visibility Day!

Hi all! Long time no post. A whole nine days in fact – eek, eek. I’ve been all over the place and trying to work out how to balance uni, a load of extra curriculars, and my little personal corner of the internet.

You haven’t missed much with me, but there’ll be a couple catch up posts scheduled as I went down to Dartmoor last weekend (I fell in love with it!), have bought the most ridiculous number of bathbombs, and probably a general personal one just to confirm that I am in fact still alive.

The biggie that was missed was Bi Visibility Day, which was the 23rd of September (yep, that’s how behind I am on my posts, oh my god). For anyone who is unclear on bisexuality, wants to know what’s up or what it even is, then Everyday Feminism is always a good place to start. And, if you know any bisexual people or want to educate yourself anyway, this is a great article to read and then share.

I celebrated Bi Visibility day by doing some wild makeup inspired by two things: the bi flag, and also my lovely friend Amber’s makeup. She’s amazing, and I talked about her a little bit in this post, as she played a big role in me discovering and then becoming interested in makeup.

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Quickie: face of the day

This was really inspired by a recent video I saw shared by Vegas Nay’s Instagram – using the age old saviour of the tape trick, you create defined lines (bit like wings, but ta-da no eyeliner, your own skin), and some fab blending in natural tones. I used the same colour palette as the video did: three shades of neutrals, then a copper (perfect for blue eyes!) glitter on the centre of the lid.

For the rest of my face I went for a heavier look with well-primed skin and eyelids, full contouring, and plumped lips. To balance that out, I eased up on my highlighter, keeping it dew-y, rather that incandescent.

I was pretty pleased with myself, when taking the photos I thought my skin looked super smooth (from a distance xD) and cheeks well blended.

Close-ups and product lists, and photos from the end of the day –

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Sunday Best

Looking for longevity! I had a Sunday lunch with the whole family and old friend, and so I wanted something that was going to outlast the warm weather, heated kitchen and the cooking, hours of conversation and eating and drinking, and that wouldn’t look too over the top.

I opted for a more natural look, with toned down and earthier colours. I also straightened my hair (my ultimate way of saying “look how much effort I’ve put in!”) for the first time in absolutely ages. It was the first time I’d taken my Makeup Revolution blush and lip cream out for a run too, and was wonderfully impressed! Perfect colours for me. Really must do a full review!

Products used and close ups –

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Rose Gold

To combat the nasty grey skies and rain we’ve been getting, I created a warm and easy-to-wear look. Sharp brows, rounded cheeks, big eyes.

I wanted this to be an easy-to-repeat look, so I kept contouring to a minimum, and didn’t use any finishing powder to avoid cake-y-ness. Everything was kept relatively simple, with products used being kept to a minimum.

Before and after, for the sake of comparison –

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Beauty Challenge: Rock Festival

Safe to say I’m further away from ‘rock chick’ than David Mitchell is from being an acid-tripping hooligan (okay, slightly dramatic). I am no Eagles-aficionado, and though I did grow up on Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones, I have certainly deviated from the path my old-rocker-Depeche Mode-loving father set me on. I’m more ..hard electro grunge, meets Barbie and unicorns, ya feel?

Anyway! One of the lovely beauty bloggers I know has decided to set up her own net of gals to do weekly thematic challenges. So, week #1 is ‘Rock Festival’, and you can do a response in the form of beauty and make up, an outfit (either of your own or on polyvore) or flatlay, or basically whatever the hell you like! That’s how I like my challenges: flexible.

Here’s my make up look!


I went for a strong but natural brow, thick winged eyeliner, blood lips, and gold tones. I also popped a spare horseshoe septum ring on my bottom lip and stuck my tongue out a lot. Unintentionally, my outfit also worked out: black oversized tee (that I wear as a dress) with wolves howling at the moon from The Mountain, gold septum ring from Tribu, and long gold necklace with crystal from Topshop. Wings and hair for retro vibes (like good rock, right? Something about the olden days?), metal in face for general badassery, vamp-y big dark lips. I went for golden tones because ‘golden oldies’, and also it just suits me better.

I think this is definitely an ‘inspired by-‘ look, seeing as if I were actually at a festival, I’d most like be completely makeupless, or at least well-waterproofed, and have my hair in a very messy ponytail!

Read on for a how-to and the products used ~

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Monday Blues, Mermaid Brows

Why bother with make up if you’re not going to enjoy it? With no hot dates, birthday parties that I couldn’t make, and a lot of work I didn’t want to do — I decided to colour in my eyebrows. I’ve always desperately envied people with wild hair colours, but after a dyeing disaster two years ago, I’ve never felt up to taking the risk. Eyebrows seemed like a much safer bet. Funnily enough, too, I absolutely fell in love with the look — whether or not I’d actually be brave enough to go outside with them is a different story, though.

Overall, my make up was a lot heavier than usual – I contoured not only my cheeks, but also my chin and jaw line, my nose (I’m getting way too in to contouring my nose), and my forehead. My eye shadow was high shine, and extended up and outwards among my brow, and over the bags under my eyes. Instead of opting for one of my normal pink-tone highlighters, I used the same silver as was around my eyes on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.

For a list of products and close up shots, read on –

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