Make London Glossier!

We aaaaall know who Glossier is! How could we not? The cruelty free brand has taken instagram by storm with its millennial pink packaging and skincare-first attitude, and it’s a definite favourite of mine to read up on (along with Milk makeup, I gotta say! They need a lil mention, too). Glossier’s essential products replace the drugstore storm of too much choice. Rather than every colour in every formula, they’ve found the handful of Best-Ofs that work for as many as possible. It’s back to make up basics – the white tee for your face. It’s an approach that must be effective, cos I feel like more and more brands are doing this, and not because they’re just starting out or want to eliminate risks, but because it’s a totally effective and marketable approach. (Asos face and beauty, for example! Makeup staples only, for now).

Anyway, the aesthetically pleasing Glossier has popped over to London and has been pleasing us W1 dwellers with velvet settees and fresh flowers the last five days. I’ve been watching queues to their previous pop ups on their insta story, and desperate to get a look in I walked up to Portland Place today (the last day of the pop up, tragedy!) for a little looksee, and to swatch products that I’d been positively gasping for via screens. One of my friends had put an order in a couple of weeks ago (free shipping over £25, and they’re very generous with the freebies and samples) and I’d just done lots of staring instead of sampling, so was very very ready to get hands on.

I don’t know much about merchandising or branding or the real power it plays on consumers, but it must be a lot. Glossier is two parts pink one part a white that’s so bright it’s almost antiseptic. The historic house of 34 Portland Place had been taken over with velvet furniture, all real signature pieces, flower displays, a massive mood board, and mirrors with lil slogans on. Downstairs was the room seen above plus the shopping space, and upstairs was a room dedicated to their heady and delicious perfume, as well as another shopping space. Orders were placed via iPad, and their staff were dressed in pink jumpsuits.

The two rooms with the products were big and bright white, and as Glossier doesn’t actually have a huge range of products there were lots and lots of repeats on the tables – which was perfect seeing that it was quite busy, and it gave you the chance to have a quick try of everything.

Today I did kind of stay clear of the real skincare products as I’ve finally managed to get myself into a skincare routine that works for me and my long-suffering, breakout prone, red and blotchy face. I tend to get over excited when shopping for skincare, and so I really did steer clear for the most part, except to use the milky jelly cleanser to clean up my swatch covered hands. I absolutely loved the cleanser (as expected) and will probably put an online order in to pick it up in the £35 pack which also comes with a lip balm (for me it would be birthday cake, which is my favourite smell E V E R, and was a delight to try today .. so glittery!) and the priming moisturiser. The moisturiser I did buy today, and I picked one up for a friend. Not at all oily, it left my dry winter hands smooth and supple, and blurred the lil wrinkly bits. I used it as a base for all my swatching and was just delighted, and it so improved the coverage of the skin tint too (which I also, shamelessly, bought).

Something I’d love to try eventually would be one of their serums! That said, I have been eyeing the Abnormal Beauty Company’s for about six months, and my best friend swears by them. It’d be super helpful to do an ingredient comparison I think, especially because Abnormal’s are so much cheaper – literally a quarter of the price.

So, what did I actually buy? A better question would be what did I intend to buy .. cloud paints! I had wanted to buy all four cloud paints for the special deal of £45, and they were the main reason I wanted to go in. Interestingly, they were basically the only thing I didn’t buy! I picked up the priming moisturiser which I was just so impressed by, boy brow in blonde even though I wasn’t even bothered to swatch it initially (I’m so pleased with my current brow routine: filling in with 3ina, brushing with Barry M clear gel), and skin tint in the fairest. I don’t currently have a go-to primer so that’s pretty justified, but the boy brow and skin tint I don’t need .. but too good to miss! As someone with such fair eyebrows, if I find a blonde eyebrow product that works, I grab it. The skin tint I couldn’t say no to based entirely on how beautifully it applied with the priming moisturiser. So smooth, instantly diminishing any redness.

Another product I’ve been desperate for is their perfume, You. I did get a little whiff from my friends tester when she put a big order in a couple weeks ago, and had been thinking about it ever since. I don’t tend to go for heavier scents, though I did enjoy Paco Rabanne’s Olympea for a while, but I’d received it as a gift and never had the intention of buying it for myself. At the moment I’m wearing D&G L’Impératrice, and I am on my second bottle I love it so much. It’s the only perfume I’ve ever bought myself twice. You is like L’Impératrice’s much more grown up, adult and sexy sister. The sister that you look up to, want to be like and steal wardrobe pieces from. I can’t tell you how unusual it is for my to so enjoy something so heady! At the moment they give you a sample of it with everything you buy, so I didn’t buy it for myself today (and it is rather pricey), but certainly have the intention to.

But why didn’t I buy cloud paint? Honestly, they really didn’t seem to show up that well on my skin? The colour is meant to be very buildable, but I put a usual swatch sized portion on and giving it the littlest blend made it rub off. I feel like if I had been more set on them I’d have asked a member of staff to help out and swatch them for me to see what I was doing wrong, but it was quite busy and I was quite put off by my favourite (Dusk) being so weak looking, and it really made me question how long lasting the colour would be. I think I’d more than happily go back, should another London pop up happen, and give them another go, especially given how much I’ve enjoyed their other products today, but I was pretty surprised. Looking at other reviews it seems like it’s totally just me that feels this way, so even more reason to give them another go and to try find out where I went wrong!

In all, a lovely visit, and so excited to unbox my products from today! 💞


4 thoughts on “Make London Glossier!

  1. I love their Super Bounce serum, you should deffo give it a go!! Thanks for posting this, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit so this has been super informative X

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    1. I so want to try that serum! I’m desperate for something that’s going to be dewey, and help with the redness I sometimes get (especially in winter when my skin’s drier). Hopefully you get to visit if (when!) they come again, it was so fun, glad you enjoyed the post you lovely thing xx


  2. Right now I’m in a situation where I want to buy more from Glossier and can’t because I basically already own everything, haha. They’re my new favourite brand! I’d recommend trying the cloud paint in ‘puff’ instead, it’s much brighter and really really lovely on fairer complexions. I also love the haloscope product, and their masks have really good reviews. I’ve only tried to ‘moon’ moisturising one so far, and did really like it!


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