Damaged: hot oil hair treatment

As someone who four years ago had a black bob .. I’m pretty tough on my hair regime now. Having really long and thick hair is a total blessing and though I get a weekly urge to either cut it all off or bleach it again, I keep myself in check and remember that I’m lucky to have great quality hair, and also have a really lovely natural colour. The one thing I do need to do is keep my hair moisturized, particularly the ends which are still the remnants of my bleach/bleach/colour strip/bleach/box dye cycle (eek, eek). I have a lot of broken hair (baby hair) and so I have found myself blow drying and straightening my hair more often than usual, and that really adversely effects the quality of my hair, even if I’m using protector sprays.

I went into my favourite little Lush (in Waterloo Station, it’s the smallest Lush in the country!) and was looking to branch out in my Lush products anyway, so asked the lovely girl (Amy, we now follow each other on Instagram haha, oops!) for some recommendations. I came away with Damaged, a hot oil treatment priced at £6.50, and a little tester pot of R&B (which by the way, I really did enjoy and actually preferred to Damaged – found there was a more immediate difference and I preferred the scent). Anyway! Here’s a bit of a photo journal of the steps it takes to use the product, and then a little before and after.

I enjoy the really specific instructions, and of course there are more details and recommendations on how best to use it on the Lush website.

At £6.50 a pop I was really reluctant to use the whole product – that felt like a lot of money. Amy said she halved hers, so I felt like I wasn’t going to miss out too much by only using half the product. The only this is that this isn’t self-preserving like some of Lush’s other products, so does need to be kept in the fridge after and I was recommended to use it within the month of purchase. (I totally haven’t .. I kept it with all my products and still have it, oops, I am truly useless!)

It seemed to take so long to become a thick, lump-free paste, but we got there! Definitely recommend using a mug or pot that’s a dark colour so you can see what you’re doing.

All my baby hair!

Pro tip! Brush your hair first. I know it probably seems like common sense to most, it didn’t occur to me and it caused some sad problems. Not that my hair was super knotted or anything like that, but it would’ve made it so much easier to wash out. I ended up having to really comb it all out with the help of lots of conditioner, and it took some serious brushing whilst in the bath, which felt pretty counter-productive, hacking away at my ends with a brush.

And finally, a during and after shot! (Left it to dry naturally). I reminded me of beach hair, and whilst it did feel soft and smoother, it was certainly an effect that a good conditioner or conditioning treatment can also result in. I have mixed feelings about the effort that goes in to mixing the product up, the smell of the product, and then the end result – comparing it to say, a pre-mixed pot of conditioning treatment you might buy off the shelf in Boots. That said, it does have positive reviews on the Lush website, and it could be possible that the condition of my hair (overall good) was decent enough for there to be a less tangible difference – maybe it was the product I needed three years ago when I was trying to go from black back to blonde!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! Happy Lush-using. Love ya x


One thought on “Damaged: hot oil hair treatment

  1. I got a little sample of this with an order and haven’t used it because, like you said, its entire deal just seems needlessly complicated. I’m sure it’s not good any more – I didn’t realize it wasn’t self-preserving, and I got that little sample probably half a year ago or more. Whoops!


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