Bath cocktail: Comforter, You’ve Been Mangoed and Yoga

Two of my main things in life: I have to smell good, and I have to have soft skin. As I harp on about, I am so proud of my super soft skin! Keeping it soft isn’t something I necessarily need to work at, but it’s something I really enjoy working at. After a 9-5 I was very ready for this.

Some plant life had to be involved (of course). Candles because I’m a sucker for a good candle. And wine, because .. because wine. Always wine.

The Lush products on show today: The Comforter (one of the quintessential Lush bubble bars, also comes as a shower gel), You’ve Been Mangoed (a bath oil, and definitely smells like mango!), and the Yoga bathbomb.

The Comforter

A Lush classic, the Comforter has fast become one of my staples. For sweet smelling bubbles and sweet smelling skin, it’s an absolute must! I adore the smell – probably one of my favorite bubble bar scents, perhaps after the even-sweeter Candy Mountain.

I’ve been experimenting recently with different bubble bar techniques, and for this bath gave a tiny sieve (a tea strainer, in fact) combined with a more usual crumbled-before-the-water-goes-in method a shot. I found that a mixed methods approach was actually really effective! I still feel like my initial technique (what I did naturally, before I was told by a Lush employee that the right way was to crumble it at the bottom of the bath and then run the water)

You’ve Been Mangoed

Lush’s bath oils aren’t all uniform in shape, size, purpose or price. This little guy is £2 and smells like a slightly unripe mango. Surprising (because it really is tiny), the website tells me that it has 21 ingredients in it. Reviewing the list, the smell makes more sense as lemon and lemongrass are two of the biggies.

Now, I find the bath oils kind of hit and miss. More so because, as I’m already using a bath bomb and/or Lush moisturising product, do I really need (need is perhaps not a good word when it comes to this .. do I really need to take two hour baths every other day? etc., it’s a slippery slope) to chuck a bath oil in too?

It’s a pretty good hypothetical question, mostly because I actually do have combination skin – the skin on my back and face, that is. It’s my legs and feet that I want to go moisture overkill on. For example, the Lush Butterball bathbomb was just too much for my skin. Really bad breakout and my hair was slick as can be afterwards too, which was all pretty nasty. (But my legs felt 10/10). This is where something like a bar of soap, like King of Skin, is great, so you can target areas.

So really, why bother. For me, the main thing was the smell. It smells pretty divine, and there are really few things I love more than smelling good. I admit that putting it in with so many other products was probably overkill – and I’m glad that I halved it instead of putting the whole thing in.

Above shows the little dude melting into the bath! Didn’t take long at all. Even holding it in my hand before putting it in had it beginning to soften. For those who want to know more about the effects of this bath oil when used alone, rather than alongside other products, I’d really recommend looking at the reviews on the Lush website! Some really in depth ones, and a few from people who have ski problems talking about their experiences with this oil.


It always kind of reminds me of an egg meets sun. Pretty sure it’s just the colour. I know I’ve complained about yellow bathbombs because of pee coloured water, but combined with the pink of the completed this has given me a darker pink, and I like it!

With the bubbles limiting space, it was easy for colour to build up along the edges. Makes it easier to photograph for sure, and I really think it slows the bathbomb down too. This one lasted ages and ages! It just kept on going.

The spinning and colour had begun to slow, but as soon as the purple and blue began to show it was given some serious new wind and started going pretty quickly again!

Hard to choose one picture! Hopefully this huge set shows how much it spins. Really reminds me of the age lines of trees? (Wonder if I can calculate my bath bomb’s age by counting their rotations..)

Pretty! It’s such a great bath bomb for if you’re into playing with the colours and foam and making some bath art.

And there you have it! Skin feeling fabulous and silky, smelling pretty delicious too if I may say so myself (and my boyfriend did walk in a couple times to go “it smells really good in here” – even though it definitely smells like garlic bread in our flat at the moment. So, this smell > garlic bread. If you can believe that). Truly though, it’s a really good smell mix – all sweet and fruity, with a hint of sharpness from the mango.

Hope you enjoyed this! As always I made a vine (or two..) of the products in action, which you can find here. Also, and this is a bit of a new one, if you want a pretty chill playlist I knocked this one up about two weeks ago and am hooked. Hope this week is looking good for you all! xx


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