Saturday’s Simple Smoothie

My bananas were about to become just a little bit too ripe for my liking, so it was smoothie time! (If they’re surpass smoothie levels of ripeness, then it’s banana bread time). 

Here it is:

– 2x bananas

– handful of raspberries (six, in this case)

– and then halfway full with Alpro’s Coconut Original (coconut anything makes me feel like I’m at a beach bar, so bonus points there)

Blend, and then enjoy. Honestly, smoothie making is just too easy!

Hope your Saturday is as lazy as mine! Reading September’s Elle, got my smoothie, eggs and bagels .. Hugo’s got the F1 on and next door’s cat has come and hung out. 

Really recommend this month’s Elle! Not only does it come with a free sample of Benefit’s Hoola, but also has a better-than-usual selection of interviews.

What a life 🌿


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