D&G Unboxing!

Oh man, I should not be allowed in Duty Free. On Wednesday morning I flew out of Heathrow Terminal 5, and somehow between security and boarding I’d spent £80. To be totally fair, about £20 of that was on edible gifts for the fam! But anyway.

I’m a sucker for perfume and have had to throw out my Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey AND my Calvin Klein Eternity Moment in the last week because I’ve simply had them for too long and I used to keep all my perfume on my window sill – which I’m sure didn’t help. They smelled pretty acidic and actually made my skin tingle when I sprayed them, so, in the bin! My other ‘need’ (used very loosely), was a new foundation. I use a cheapo but wonderful luminous foundation from Collection Cosmetics (but it can sometimes be a little goopy and a lot of product comes out, which is pretty wasteful), and my absolute favourite Dior BB cream from their Nudeskin collection. I thought it was high time I got myself a ~fancy~ foundation, with better coverage than the BB cream but the same luminosity and glow as my Collection foundation.

In Duty Free I mooched about and swatched a couple things. The Mac counter was super, super busy so I gave it a miss entirely. I went over to Dior to try out their foundation options, though I had tried the Nudeskin foundation line when I bought my BB cream and wasn’t a fan – it seemed to make all the hairs on my face stand out! The lady working there was super lovely, but I wasn’t all that excited by the options. I’m really pale with large pores and quite bumpy combination skin, so it’s difficult to find something that really works. I passed on Tom Ford because it was just too expensive. They only stocked one Nars foundation and it may have been a bit old because it was really thick and, though it was the lightest shade, quite orange toned. My other option, which I’d been considering for a while because both my flatmates love it, is Estée Lauder’s double wear, but I was worried because I’d heard that it was quite thick. I did swatch it and was actually really impressed – honestly, I might cave and buy myself some on the way back home!

What I ended up buying though was D&Gs  The Foundation, of the luminous variant (the also had matte – which truly was super matte! But I like looking a bit dewy and having a glow, especially if I’m going to use a finishing powder anyway).

For the perfume, I spent a while scoping out a perfume-only shop before going into this main beauty area where they had counters organised by brand. I sampled loads and was actually pretty stuck, it’s a little bit like Lush, where if you’re in there too long all the scents blend into one! At the moment I have three perfumes on the go: Olympea by Paco Rabanne, Miss Dior (the original), and, my long-time favourite, Lancôme’s Hypnose. I brought Olympea with me on my travels as there’s not all that much left (about a third) and it’s almost coming up to its first birthday, so it does need to be used up. Also, I recently bought the matching shower gel, and as I’m over here to intern, I thought matching my perfume to my body wash was pretty sophisticated! I also brought all my long-time favourite travel-exclusive minis by DKNY.

I tried the new Paco Rabanne, Olympea Aqua, but wasn’t a fan. Something I did like was Gucci’s Flora line, but I think that could also have been because I’m a sucker for such cute packaging – same goes for the new Chloe, such a cute bottle! Sadly, the Chloe and a dream-perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo were all out of budget – I couldn’t justify spending so much on perfume when I already have a small collection at home.

I went for D&Gs L’Impératrice, and for me it was the only perfume that I tried and was instantly like “I love this, it’s me, and I want to buy it”.  It’s floral and sweet without being sickly or at all a cheap candy-like scent. It’s feminine but also powerful. Writing this blog post I’m visiting sale pages just to read the descriptions of the perfume, and I love them!

For the L’Impératrice woman life is a movie and she is the heroine. All heads turn when she enters a room. Vibrant and magnetic, she exudes charisma and force of character.

Maybe it’s a thing with me, being subconsciously drawn to these perfumes that market themselves as being for strong women haha! I love it.

Because I bought these two things I also received a little gift from the lovely lady working the counter – it’s a clay rose that you can use to scent (I used the word ‘deodorise’, the lady didn’t think that was quite right haha) a room by spraying your perfume of choice on it. I’m not entirely sure how that works or if it does work, but it’s definitely cute!

I’ll let you know how the scent rose works, and so excited to create a look with my new foundation. Happy Friday all! Xx


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