Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub Review

More Lush-related posts from me, and nope, not even sorry!

This post is, believe it or not, not about a bathbomb or bubble bar – it’s about Rub Rub Rub, a fabulous pot of sea salty goodness.

I got this shower scrub in a gift box, which was part of my Christmas present from my boyfriend. I’d never branched out before, and had always kind of thought of Lush’s non-colourful, not-bathbomb stuff as being typically plant smelling and inexplicably gritty. Funnily enough, my favourite bathbomb and bubble bars are both ‘plant smelling’ and this product certainly has some of the gritty factor! I just have to face the fact that I’m totally Lush obsessed!

Rub seems kind of gloopy and bitty at first, there’s also a weird element of slimeyness. Giving it a little stir with my finger brings out all the sea salt bits – and though ‘gritty’, because they’re in a kind of paste, it’s not at all unpleasant to get it onto your skin and start rubbing! There are two possibilities: for a deep exfoliation, you can put this on your dry skin and have a little scrub before getting into the bath or shower, or you can use it whilst in the bath/shower for a more regular exfoliation.

Now, in the same way that I’m obsessed with highlighting and bathbombs.. I’m obsessed with exfoliating. I have very, very soft skin and I am a) very proud and enjoy showing it off and b) take great pleasure in keeping it super soft. I now only shave when I’m using a bath product that has oils in it to prevent dry skin (which I inevitably get from shaving, and I don’t find my drugstore moisturisers up to scratch), or if I’m using this product.

Depending on how deep an exfoliation I want, I sometimes use my loofah or shower glove, but I do prefer using just my hands as the product goes further. Notoriously stingy, I adore how far I can get this scrub to go! The amount shown below is enough for me to shave both my legs! I didn’t used any shower gel or even the bubbles in my bath – just this product.

I have used Rub on my face before, which it is not intended for, and I can’t recommend doing that. Though it left my face feeling like a dream at the time, that evening and the following day my skin got super oily in response to the deep exfoliation, even though I only used the tiniest bit and patting motions (no rubbing or anything vigorous). Definitely something gentler for the face! But legs? 100% recommend, and I’ll absolutely be buying myself another pot when this one’s done, I honestly can’t imagine my legs without it!


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