Eyebrow Threading at Superdrug

Hi all! I had my first ever eyebrow threading experience, and wanted to share. I typically let me eyebrows do what the want, and I’ve had them waxed once before at Sephora (two Christmasses ago), and have waxed them twice myself using a little home kit. For the most part, it’s me tweezing the odd hair – usually in between my eyebrows, as it seems to grow pretty quick! I’m very fair and my eyebrows are very blonde, so I’m quite lucky in that I don’t reaaaally have that much to worry about with stray hairs being too visible.

I had them threaded at the Superdrug beauty counter on the Strand here in London. It was just £7 and took literally two minutes. You go up to the usual tills, say which treatment you want and pay there (and I used my beauty card + NUS card to get 10% off my total receipt – I was buying some conditioning stuff too for my hair!)

I’d expected it to be painful, but it really wasn’t! It was a lot faster and less drawn out than waxing. As an inexperienced waxer, I would definitely feel this moment of dread between putting the wax and the strip on and then pulling it off! None of that with threading, it was all go! Also strangely satisfying! It made a funny crunching sound, which I actually enjoyed. The only minor downside is that you get eyebrow hair on you, but that’s hardly a biggie. The lovely lady put some aloe healing gel on my brows after, which was really cooling and then let me have a look at the finished result. She followed my natural brow but thinner it out more on my brow bone, exentuated my arch, and really cleaned up in between my brows.

As you can tell from the above photo, there was definitely a fair bit of redness around the brows, but then went down fairly quickly. The one thing I was disappointed about was how I still had a pretty bad breakout after the threading – I’d kind of assumed that it was just from waxing, or a reaction to the wax, but I guess not. Bummer! If anyone has any tips for reducing angry whiteheads after waxing/threading, let me know in the comments!

The picture below shows on the left my threaded brows filled in (Soap and Glory, Archery), and on the right they’re just brushed used Maybellines brow mascara. I love the shape of them so much ah!

The highlight though, for me, was the fact they were pretty symmetrical, which is something I absolutely cannot get them to be when doing it myself! All in all, a top experience and I’m actually looking forward to going back in three-four weeks time to get them tidied up.


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