Superdad Bathbomb

Hi all! Happy Monday! Today I had a shopping session at my local Lush (the tiniest Lush in the UK, it’s in Waterloo station!) ~ I had the loveliest chat with the lady working there and I ended up with two hair products, a soap, and this bathbomb (which was the only thing I had actually intended to buy haha)!

The hair products were definitely not my usual thing, I tend to only buy bathbombs and the odd bubble bar. However, my hair has been so brittle recently and one of my favourite Instagrammers (who happens to work at Lush) has recommend a fab conditioning treatment so I went in to ask about their hair-saving products. When I try them out, I promise to blog about them! Today I used the Superdad bathbomb and am saving the hair products for another day.

I started the bath with some remnants of a Brightside bubble bar, and I have to say the two scents work really well together!

Brightside is heavy on the orange, and Superdad is all about wood-y scents – sandalwood, guaiac wood and olibanum oil. It’s all calming and chill, and would be perfect for a candlelit evening.

The first drop:

I’ve never used two products at once, and I don’t know if it was for this reason or if it was just the bathbomb itself, but it was a slow burner! It went on for a long time, and there were still bits going half an hour into the bath.

The oils have left my skin so smooth! It’s very subtle with the oil, which is definitely preferable in my opinion – I’m not huge on Lava Lamp or Butterball, because it just leaves me feeling greasy. This was just divine, and I felt really silky.

In all – a very long lasting bathbomb, no glitter (so no cleanup), subtle oils, a soft and woody scent which is not overly ‘masculine’ (you know, how typical man products are all super tough and Old Spice style!) but isn’t your candy or floral scent, either. I also liked the colour of the water that was left, like Intergalactic without the glitter, and the blue and white swirls were like a more passive Frozen. Have a lovely evening! Xx


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