Breakfast of Champions

Oat queen is back! I had my last exam today and it was a morning one. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I currently have a head cold so am dosed up to the eyeballs, period started yesterday and it was barely short of brutal, and had under four hours sleep. Yeah. Not the best exam conditions, I have to say! I decided to combat my bad luck with a filling and nutritious breakfast (and a big cup of ginger tea to wash my handful of medication down with).

Instead of my usual quick oats I went for some regular ones. I went for 1/3 of a cup, 3/4 of a cup milk (my nose is blocked up beyond belief so I couldn’t give my dairy free alternatives a sniff test! They’ve been in the fridge for a while, and figured that having food poisoning on top of everything else would majorly suck). I’ve been having coconut drink with my oats a lot recently, so to make up for my lack of it, I went a bit overboard with the decimated coconut.

After a couple minutes of stirring my oats, milk and coconut, I stirred in a handful of frozen raspberries, and have it a couple more minutes! I served it up and did a big teaspoon of chia seeds over the top. This was definitely one of the sweetest breakfast I’ve had, and it was also a bit bigger than normal – I couldn’t finish it! I ate at around 6.30am and it’s now coming up to 1pm though, so it’s definitely kept me going. Good old brain food.

Happy hump day, all! Xx


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