Essentials: Bank Holiday Weekend Edition

I’ve spent this Bank Holiday weekend down in Chilham, Kent, with my boyfriend and his lovely (and extensive!) family. It’s been absolutely wonderful and has involved lots of swimming, running around and trampolining and playing football, but then also dressing up for three course dinners and drinking for hours at a time. From an eight year old to an eighty year old, and also now two very little ones, you’ve got to be able to cover all the bases – fun in the sun and political chat.

Packing is always tricky, as you need to manage to get dinner appropriate outfits, swimwear and running around in mud clothes all into a weekend bag. The only place I really failed on this trip was in the shoe department – not only did the weather report (sun and warmth) fall through (mostly grey, wet and cold), but I also ended up playing football bare foot which has left me with some nasty bruises! Definitely some kind of lace up for next time. I had my nice summery dress and playsuit, smart dress and a trouser/jumper combo for the dinners, and gym leggings plus jumper and tee for running about. Somehow all went into my backpack!

Of course, what this post is really about is the fun stuff – my current beauty must-haves, all crammed into a sandwich bag.

I had my absolute fave Feeling Younger by Lush Cosmetics (entire post dedicated to its fab shiny ways here), and a new highlighter, aka glittery dreamy cream, from TK Maxx! I’m so lucky with my TK Maxx finds. It’s Elizabeth Arden, was down to Β£10, and absolutely magic.

Other makeup bits included Benefit’s They’re Real mascara (which somehow survived a swim?!), my brow mascara (this is a re-buy! It’s an absolute gift for someone like me, who has barely-there brows), my trusty Dior BB cream, and my almost literally life-saving Nivea lip balm! The BB cream has sun protection too, which was definitely needed for the first afternoon, though less necessary when it started to rain. The lip balm really is wonderful – I’m someone who’s almost permanently dehydrated and I spend all of winter with these foul scabs in the corner of my mouth. I really shopped around for a solution, too. Tried two different medicated lipbalms, a home brand Boots one, normal moisturiser, savlon and antiseptics.. Nope. But this one solved it! It’s the wettest feeling lip balm I’ve ever had, it really glides and he difference is marked.

I have horribly fussy ears, so when it comes to earrings I usually just don’t bother. Sometimes though, I can’t help myself. Both pairs are from ASOS, and the little knots are gold plated so they’re not too irritating! They’re pretty discrete and understated, whereas the dangly ones are definitely eye-catching and have a killer 70s feel. Anything high necked instantly requires them, in my opinion! The necklace is a favourite from last year, a birthday treat to myself from Michael Kors.

Sunglasses from H&M, buffing brush from Real Techniques. The sunglasses are a new buy and didn’t see much wear this weekend. They’re great unless you get a bit sweaty – they slide down the nose as it’s not adjustable and just hard plastic, boo! Fortunately I don’t spend too much time getting sweaty, we can thank the English weather for that. Few things beat faux tortoiseshell with gold accents.

Really, the Elizabeth Arden deserves a post dedicated to it, it’s magnificent! The DKNY got me a number of compliments, but sadly ran out on the last evening – thankfully, it’s from a Duty Free exclusive set, so I’ve one more mini one and two others from their Delicious series. I tried to keep eye makeup pretty simple and used my beloved Makeup Revolution palette every evening, and my skin’s been horrific so I also brought my proper foundation for some fuller coverage and colour correction.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Xx


10 thoughts on “Essentials: Bank Holiday Weekend Edition

      1. Oh noooo! That’s the worst! I’m like that with my favourite bb cream by Rimmel, no one stocks extra light haha. I found the Elizabeth Arden in TK Maxx, and they had a couple available – I’m going to have to go hunting for it ha!

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