Haul: 3ina Makeup

Hello all! Just a quick one from me. Had a lovely shop the other week and stocked up on some of my favourite essentials: unicorn inspired nail polish and dark nude lipsticks.

The brand is 3ina (not Mina!), and was created by some of the designers from New Look. Prices are drug store style – less than L’Oreal or Revlon, but more than Makeup Revolution. Their original lipstick line was one of the more reasonable I’d seen, with each lipstick priced at £4.95. I’d never heard of 3ina until seeing the store in Covent Garden, next to the Charlotte Tillbury and opposite the MAC!

The first lipstick: The Matte Lipstick in 411, £6.45

The Second Lipstick: The Longwear Lipstick in 503, £6.45

The Nail Polish: in 114 and 183, £4 each

Ta-da! A very happy haul. The longwear lipstick is a great formula, though it is a little wet (you need to wipe the applicator off a little, as a lot comes out), and difficult to make budge. The nail polish is fab though you do need to have a top coat on, as it seems to chip easily on your fingers. On my toes however, it’s holding up really nicely, and I’m not normally one to have a pale colour on my feet.

Check them out either in store in Covent Garden, or online at 3ina!


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