Essentials: Bank Holiday Weekend Edition

I’ve spent this Bank Holiday weekend down in Chilham, Kent, with my boyfriend and his lovely (and extensive!) family. It’s been absolutely wonderful and has involved lots of swimming, running around and trampolining and playing football, but then also dressing up for three course dinners and drinking for hours at a time. From an eight year old to an eighty year old, and also now two very little ones, you’ve got to be able to cover all the bases – fun in the sun and political chat.

Packing is always tricky, as you need to manage to get dinner appropriate outfits, swimwear and running around in mud clothes all into a weekend bag. The only place I really failed on this trip was in the shoe department – not only did the weather report (sun and warmth) fall through (mostly grey, wet and cold), but I also ended up playing football bare foot which has left me with some nasty bruises! Definitely some kind of lace up for next time. I had my nice summery dress and playsuit, smart dress and a trouser/jumper combo for the dinners, and gym leggings plus jumper and tee for running about. Somehow all went into my backpack!

Of course, what this post is really about is the fun stuff – my current beauty must-haves, all crammed into a sandwich bag.

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Quickie: Katya, Meet Figs

Well, we all know I love my breakfasts (and that I love photographing my breakfasts), but this really was a good one.

Here’s what’s up:

  • Two figs, sliced
  • Heaped tablespoon of decimated coconut
  • Mini handfull of raspberries
  • Heaped tablespoon of my linseed cereal/smoothie topper
  • Half tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Half tablespoon of sunflower seeds
  • And that’s all on top of Quaker quick oats made with Alpro’s coconut drink!

Truly delicious. Full of good stuff, kept me going for a while, yes please.

This was the first time I’d had figs before, and *yes* I was inspired by someone I follow on Instagtam to try them! (I also want to try chia pudding thanks to her – yum)

Hope you all enjoy your morning as much! Xx

Haul: 3ina Makeup

Hello all! Just a quick one from me. Had a lovely shop the other week and stocked up on some of my favourite essentials: unicorn inspired nail polish and dark nude lipsticks.

The brand is 3ina (not Mina!), and was created by some of the designers from New Look. Prices are drug store style – less than L’Oreal or Revlon, but more than Makeup Revolution. Their original lipstick line was one of the more reasonable I’d seen, with each lipstick priced at £4.95. I’d never heard of 3ina until seeing the store in Covent Garden, next to the Charlotte Tillbury and opposite the MAC!

The first lipstick: The Matte Lipstick in 411, £6.45

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