NYX ~ Liquid Lipstick Haul

Hi all! I had a cheeky buying spree on the Boots website and ended up with these five lipsticks. More money than I’d usually spend on makeup in one go (£30 for the five), but oh well! I did a substantial bit of research before buying and looked at a lot of swatches – funnily enough, all the swatches I saw were slightly different looking. So glad that there’s finally an NYX counter in London (typical timing: the weekend after I buy this lot haha), because I know if I had swatched some of these in store, I probably wouldn’t have bought a couple of them – not my usual colours, but good that it’s getting me out of my comfort zone I guess.

I bought three lipsticks from their Matte lip cream collection – Stockholm, Antwerp and Istanbul. One of their Liquid Suede lipsticks, in Soft-Spoken, and one from their Lingerie collection, which has only come out recently here in the UK, in Ruffle-Trim. I can’t really pull off a pale brown lipstick, and went for these browns as they had reddish undertones. I also felt that a more matte brown, rather than the glossier browns I’d tried before, would work better with my pale and warm skin tone. I’ll have a look at the packaging and then do a ton of swatching! Enjoy xx


The packaging itself isn’t mind blowing, but then this is drugstore makeup, so not really expecting any fancy boxes! Not really a packaging thing, but I love all the names of the lipsticks – really good call there, so kudos to whoever had that job. Love the city theme for the Matte Lip Creams.

My favourite thing about them is the brush – it’s my personal fave style of liquid lipstick brush. Little bit solid, almost like a mini paddle. You get the same thing wit Sleek’s liquid lipstick range, and you really don’t with Illamasqua’s Intense Lipgloss which has the same thing as Kylie’s new range. If you didn’t read Jeffree Star review then you missed out – and yeah, exact same deal with the Illamasqua SO! Enough of that please. More solid brushes please. So much easier.

Swatches and Smudging 

Arm swatch! And I *tried* to keep this order of swatching throughout the post.

Lighting really is important when you swatch. Here the colours really do match their packaging, but when I lip swatched them it didn’t seem to be the case. Interestingly, the suede (the second swatch – Soft-Spoken) didn’t swatch so well on my arm and I was put off, BUT it was my favourite when I lip swatched. Really clean application, whereas the creams are .. creamy and thicker, you can feel them on your lips.

The colour of the creams is definitely more solid looking – it’s bright thick colour. Not like some crummy drugstore lipstick that goes on thin and outlines all the dried and cracked bits for the world to see.

Whoa! Lingerie did not budge. And, had I left suede a little longer it would’ve had a bit more sticking power (as I found out the other day when I wore it out). The creams wiped off pretty easily.

Lip Swatches

Initially one of my faves, I was a little bored with this colour. Glad that I now have a brown tone (we all love a good natural lip colour), but also a bit meh. Love the application. Found it a bit dry, especially when compared to the other lipsticks which were a lot wetter. This was pretty comparable to Sleek’s matte liquid lipstick line in terms of formula and feel, but they don’t do a shade like this. (Also, just to note – I am wearing a liner with this swatch because I’m a fool and was having a play. But not wearing liner in any of the others! Gotta love consistency, hey).

Without sounding like a total weirdo, I really enjoyed having this on my mouth. Goes on wet but it does dry matte! Easy EASY application, and the brush is ever so slightly different from the others – has a little concave bit, so you can really get that lovely curve on your top lip (that I naturally lack). I would buy more from this line, deffo.

I was pretty bummed by all the colours from the cream mattes, they just weren’t what I expected. I spent a really long time looking at swatches and picked really carefully. I was going for all natural nude-y pinks. Instead, all the colours are a bit (uh-oh..) cheap looking. I was most excited about Stockholm but it really reminded me of a Lip Salvation liquid lipstick by Makeup Revolution that I binned. The bright peach doesn’t really work with my skin tone.

I was also really looking forward to Antwerp. Definitely a lot pinker, brighter and Barbie-ish than I expected. I really though it was going to be like my fave Sephora natual, purple-tone lipstick when I looked at the swatches. I do like this colour, it just wasn’t what I expected and I probably won’t get that much wear out of it.

I have a couple light pink lipsticks, and again, I expected this to be more brown toned and nude-ish, rather than bright and Barbie-ish. This is a really poor colour on me! I’ve tried pretty hard with bright/light/silvery pinks and have ended up throwing them out – one from Topshop and one from Gosh. Bummer. Hoping I warm up to it.

What did I learn? By all means read reviews, but swatch things yourself so you know what’s up! With a brand like Makeup Revolution, where lipsticks are £1-£3, I tend to take more risks. This was a pretty expensive risk, and I guess I paid the price for it a bit!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Happy Monday xx


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