NYX ~ Liquid Lipstick Haul

Hi all! I had a cheeky buying spree on the Boots website and ended up with these five lipsticks. More money than I’d usually spend on makeup in one go (£30 for the five), but oh well! I did a substantial bit of research before buying and looked at a lot of swatches – funnily enough, all the swatches I saw were slightly different looking. So glad that there’s finally an NYX counter in London (typical timing: the weekend after I buy this lot haha), because I know if I had swatched some of these in store, I probably wouldn’t have bought a couple of them – not my usual colours, but good that it’s getting me out of my comfort zone I guess.

I bought three lipsticks from their Matte lip cream collection – Stockholm, Antwerp and Istanbul. One of their Liquid Suede lipsticks, in Soft-Spoken, and one from their Lingerie collection, which has only come out recently here in the UK, in Ruffle-Trim. I can’t really pull off a pale brown lipstick, and went for these browns as they had reddish undertones. I also felt that a more matte brown, rather than the glossier browns I’d tried before, would work better with my pale and warm skin tone. I’ll have a look at the packaging and then do a ton of swatching! Enjoy xx

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How to Manage When You Just Can’t

Keeping on keeping on gets hard. Sometimes everything can feel like an uphill slog. Sometimes the hill has the angle of a rock climbing wall, and sometimes you’re wearing roller skates. At the moment, I feel like I am trying to climb a rock climbing wall (without the harness and someone below me with a belay), with roller skates on (not easy for rock climbing), and probably something awful happening to my hands. Maybe blindfolded too, just for good measure. So. Falling, that’s how I feel. Fall off said wall, back first, no clue what I’ve got to land on. This post is as much for me as it may be for you. Here are five tips on how to try and keep it together.

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ASOS Returns

I spend half my life returning things. Online shopping has become my preferred means of acquiring expensive and unnecessary items, and since most brands now offer free returns too (..except Missguided, *gives angry eyes*), I tend to go a bit overboard. ASOS is always, and has always been, my number one online shopping destination. I’m also a premier member, so not only do I have my free returns, but also free next day delivery! I take WAAAAAY too much advantage of this. Example: for my boyfriend’s graduation I ordered a total of TWENTY THREE dresses and returned twenty two of them. I am probably one of their most hated customers. But, as someone who prefers trying things on in the comfort of their own home and being able to run upstairs going “what do you think?!”, I probably won’t be stopping any time soon.

My latest order had Spring in mind, and included a really lovely Motel pinafore and bustier playsuit of rockabilly style. Unfortunately, both pieces are going back to ASOS ASAP! Here’s why:

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