Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts

Just wanted to introduce you all to some of my favourite Makeup Revolution products! I am a huge sucker for anything baked (and these are triple baked, so you can imagine that I was aaaall over them), be that makeup or otherwise, and I love anything shiny. I’m basically a magpie with an Instagram account and bank card. These heart shaped pretties are £4.99 each, often out of stock both offline and in Superdrug due to their popularity, and well worth the money. You can find them online here!

I really spend way to much money on makeup and way too much time thinking about makeup – and I totally blame Makeup Revolution for contributing to this. I love their products and own a frightening number of them. Some of my absolute top choices, when it comes to putting my face on, come from their lines. As someone who basically collects highlighter, too, it really says a lot that all three of these sparkly hearts make my top picks!

The packaging is just adorable! One thing that I do struggle with though are the names. I feel like maybe they were initially aiming for three hearts rather than a whole line of them (there are now 12 – Superdrug usually stocks a minimum of four types, but they’re usually all sold out!), and maybe that’s why the names are a bit confusing. You have the three highlighters – Goddess of Love, Goddess of Faith and Golden Goddess (but the packing on all three says Goddess of Love – you see what I mean about the confusing names?); three bronzers (the names are way too confusing here – they’re all a variation of hot summer of love, it seems); and then six blushes. All the highlighters are one shade only, two of the bronzers are one shade and the other bronzer (which I have!) is three shade, and all the blushes are three shade.

The idea behind the three shades is to have one dark, one mid and on light – so it’s a real trio for light contouring and highlighting.

Summer of Love – Bronzer

All of these products have a rich, soft powdery finish. They go on super smooth, with no caking. All really high shine and well pigmented, too. One really impressive factor is how little excess powder you get – they’re so compact!

The bronzer was a really brave choice for me as I’m basically paper white! I have to be pretty careful with how much of this I use as the darkest shade really is quite dark on me, and has a gorgeous auburn tone ..which sadly just makes me a little bit orange. Used very lightly however it gives great colour and glitter to my contouring. The other two shades are easier to use. I love that light and bright gold and use that on my cheekbones, and the mid colour is very similar to the highlighter that I have from the same range.

As you can see below from the swatches, it really is a bronzer – literally looks like bronze! Super metallic with red tones. I love how the gold really catches the light.

Blushing Hearts, Peachy Pink Kisses – Blush

I get so much use out of this product! It’s one of my favourites to travel with too – it means I don’t have to bring a big palette with me, and as it’s got a range of shades, it counts as a highlighter too. Really lightens up the make up bag.

The lightest and mid shade are silver toned and delicate, which make it great for highlighting. What I really love though is that gorgeous gold tone from the darkest shade – it’s what rose gold is really meant to be, when it comes to makeup!


Goddess of Faith – Highlighter

And last, but certainly not least, this fab highlighter. Again a feature of all three products, it has shine and light to it without being glittery – which is something I don’t really get from my other highlighters. Though I love a bit of glitter (particularly for eye makeup), I do also appreciate the consistency of all-over shine – especially when it comes to strobing and my cheeks.

The colour is almost solid, and whilst being pink toned and almost rosy, it catches the light as a bright silver – a definite yes if you want to stand-out highlighting.


Hope you enjoyed this post everyone, and it’s good to be back! Happy Friday xx



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