Elf Ears

Hi all! It’s been a while. I’ve spent the last three months organising a conference and it is DONE! Though it’s now assignment season and we’re a month off exams, I feel pretty relieved and good about things – and so here I am, back in the blogosphere. (Which is a good thing, as I’ve made many stress-induced purchases which are all review worthy!)

One of these such purchases: a pair of elf ears off Amazon. Why, you ask. A good question, with no real answer (because why not? etc.), though I did used to have a fantastic pair of biggish elf ears that were really legit. I bought them in Melbourne for a cosplay, and they were for people who do LARP (live action role play), so they were proper prosthetics, with glue etc. and fit completely over your ears! This pair were a bit different.

At only £1.32 with free shipping, I knew they weren’t going to be of the same caliber. Ordered on the 26th of February, they were due to arrive by the 30th of March, and I was pleasantly surprised to have them arrive on the 10th of March – way earlier than expected! The one thing I really don’t appreciate about Amazon (and which I love eBay for) is that you often can’t see where a product is shipping from, and you have to guess based on shipping times. Judging by the up to 20 days delivery time, I guessed these guys were coming from East Asia.

Even though the reviews online were mixed, I wasn’t too fussed because of the price, plus I was just buying them for fun and to have a play with, not for an event or costume.

When they arrived I thought they were quite small, but looking back at the listing on Amazon, there was nothing to suggest they were going to be bigger! The colour in the photos used to advertise them, they definitely look like your bog-standard ‘white person skin colour’ – which, when compared to my actual skin colour, is a lot more peachy.

The colour and size aren’t exactly huge problems – when styling hair, I’d probably be hiding the join between my ear and the elf ear, and their definitely a cute and more discrete size. The ears I had before were for a Night Elf, so were properly long!

The thing that really impressed me was the texture of the ears. They weren’t at all solid, but actually quite like the expensive ears I had before – life like in their flexibility and thinness.

The elf ears fitted over your actual ears O.K. – funnily enough they fit over one ear better than the other, and since the elf ears are exactly the same, it’s probably some weird unknown deformity on my part (oops)! They slotted over the tops and were surprisingly stable, though I would really recommend glue (making sure it was for prosthetics and safe for skin, of course) if you were to wear them out – I managed to knock one off when moving my hair. I appreciated that they left a gap so that I could still here. I should mention that I do have really, really small ears, like, disproportionately tiny!

Obviously, with the way the ears fitted and the big difference in colour, it was pretty obvious that I was just wearing some plastic on my ears! To sort that out (in photos at least), some basic editing was involved using the facetune app on my boyfriend’s phone:  

Close up I don’t think it looks great exactly, but definitely good enough for a quick Instagram post, or even a photo shoot.

If you’re not super zoomed in, it’s even a little bit difficult to tell that I am in fact not an elf! (Haw haw haw)

All in all, a fun little purchase, worth the £1.32 that I paid, and surprisingly decent quality too! The link to the sellers page is here, if you’re interested in investing yourself xx


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