Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real Mascara

The first thing to probably say is that I’m not really a huge fan of Benefit on a whole, they tend to just remind me of an overpriced Soap & Glory or Dirty Works – probably because of the packaging. The prices have definitely put me off before, and the only product I have from them is High Beam (which I do like), which was a gift! Moonbeam came with it and was so useless that I sold it on Depop for £4.

Anyway! I’ve heard, and I’m sure we’ve all heard, a hell of a lot about Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, proudly promoted as selling one every 15 seconds. So is it really that amazing? At well over double the price a high street mascara, you’d hope so. I bought mine in duty free, because a) I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and b) I had a quick look-see at the wand, and I found that to be pretty impressive and unique looking.

First up, the packaging and wand:

Can’t say I’m a huge fan, I definitely prefer their usual pinks and turquoises, and I really don’t like the ad campaign with the very large breasted woman and “They’re Real!” above her. I’m putting the mascara on my eyelashes, not my tits, ya feel?

Also, statistics to promote makeup is usually lost on me, though only after reading the small print – 94% ..yeah probably of like, 30 people. Lots of great questions about how they choose their participants, and if the word “random” isn’t in there anywhere, it means they chose a particular type of people to participate. For this mascara, the only information you have on these stats are that its from a consumer panel survey.

The wand is way cool though, you can see how it’ll really work on separating your lashes and reaching the insides. It’s also nice and long!

Trying it out:

So, below is me with absolutely zero makeup on, bare lashes and all. I have quite short and thin lashes, and mascara really makes a huge difference to how I look (at least, in my opinion it does!)

I was impressed by the application, and didn’t have to reinsert the wand to get more product: there was enough on it for both eyes. The wand really does get to the base of your eyelashes, which I find hard to do with my usual Maybelline Great Lash mascara (which is a bit dryer as well, and a much smaller and more traditional looking brush). I found that layering it was easy whilst it was still quite wet, but once it started to dry and you tried to add another layer, your lashes got a little sticky and were inclined to stick together a bit. Length and volume is good, not too thick a formula so it’s not clumpy – but the real plus is just how well the wand works to separate your lashes, and apply to mascara evenly to each one. I did have to go over my eyelids with an ear bud, as the horizontal and wiggle method of application that they suggest can be a little messy when you’re so close to the base of your lashes.

A quick before and after:

Overall, I am impressed! Though, I do have my reservations about the price – is there really no drugstore mascara that has the same separating effect on lashes? The major drawback of this product, price aside, is that it isn’t waterproof. Typically, even if you don’t come into contact with water, mascara that is waterproof tends to be longer lasting. Plus, I am someone who’s prone to crying, being rained on, and wearing makeup in the gym – so if there’s a waterproof option, I always take it. The product does promote itself as being super long lasting though, so here’s hoping that it stays put (though, as my shower has just proven, it definitely is not waterproof, no matter how long lasting it is!) xx


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