On the First Day of Christmas

My true love gave me to me, well, a lamp! I desperately needed a lamp on my side of the bed and so tada! Early Christmas present.

Also: I got to open the first day of my Makeup Revolution advent calendar! So exciting! I got it when it was marked down to £25, and it contains a whopping £50 worth of makeup inside, including lipglosses, blushes and highlighters, nail polishes and a palette for Christmas Day. 

Each product isn’t exactly a surprise – the nail polishes are behind nail polish shaped windows, but, the blushes, highlighters and single eyeshadows are all the same shape, so that’ll be exciting!

So day one: a nail polish in classic red. Nail polish is the one product I haven’t tried from Makeup Revolution, but I’m so glad that I now have! I got the colour shown with only one coat, which is pretty unheard of, and it dried in under a minute. I was also quite happy as its world AIDs day, which is where you wear red, so it worked out really rather nicely.

Hello to December, and hello to exciting makeup surprises! Xx


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