Photo Journal: Reunion!

There’s nothing better than catching up with old friends! (And getting a good dose of tequila, window shopping, Lush, and girl gamer talk in, too).

Nina was one of my best friends at high school, but it wasn’t until we both encountered some post-graduation trouble that we really got to bond and became a lot closer. She’s visited London once before to see little meeeee! We have such fun. This time around, I also got to catch up with her friend Caroline, who I also went to school with.

We had the afternoon and evening together, and we met up at Oxford Circus with a hit list of shops to get through.

Lush, Oxford Street

Lush was first up, as it’s my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE (in case you haven’t noticed, or anything). Now, not only do I love it because there’s a whole floor dedicated to bathbombs, but because the staff are just the most incredible people. I always feel like I could be best friends with all of them. I once had my makeup done there and within five minutes we were talking about the ins and outs of our exes and why we’re well shot of them. This time around, I had my aesthetic complimented (which really made my day, as I was wearing my airboot and it was really getting me down) and chatted about doc martins and what our favourite bath bombs were.


Lush Oxford St. is literally my idea of Eden. I was super restrained and bought three bath bombs only haha!

Carnaby Street

Next up was Carnaby St. because I needed (‘needed’ used very loosely) to check in at Monki to see if they’d restocked my velvet bell sleeved dresses, which they sadly hadn’t. Not deterred, we also popped into Irregular Choice and Skinny Dip.


Also, I think Carnaby St. had some of my favourite Christmas decorations!

Wahaca, Covent Garden

Our last stop, after buying half of Superdrug on the Strand, was Wahaca! Wahaca is one of my current favourite places to eat at, and I was desperate to share it with my friends whom had never been before. One of the must-haves at Wahaca is TEQUILA. Seriously. I never thought of myself as a tequila person until visiting and having their Hibiscus Margarita. Their tequila is so, SO smooth. I cannot recommend it enough!

My go-to order is a classic margarita, nacho chips with guacamole to start, and a beef burrito main.

All in all, a super lovely day and catch up with my some hilarious ladies xx


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