Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

I keep having the best luck at TK Maxx! These retail for £17.50 a piece, and I got them for just £4.99 each – mega heart eyes at these savings.

The colours are: Hermetic (the red), Stranger (the gold), and Facade (the nude).

The brush is super flexible which makes it easy to apply and to shape your lips – which is great for someone like me, who has a) poor lip lining/shaping skills and b) a really shapeless mouth.

They’ve got quite a sticky formula, rather than the creamy application of most liquid lipsticks – so definitely more of a lipgloss, though the level and depth of colour is just phenomenal. Being so wet and glossy makes for the ultimate pouty mouth, in my opinion! Also, they smell properly amazing, which is always going to be a plus.

Lip swatches ~

I love the nude (Facade) sooo much, though it’s a tricky colour to pull off! Such a dark and vampy red works well with my pale skin and blonde hair. I think my favourite thing about these lipgloss ss is how just dramatically high shine they are.

Excited to be creating a look with Facade today, I’ll make sure to take some photos for you all xx


4 thoughts on “Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

  1. Ooh those last two are definitely hard to pull off, though I think you do it! Love Hermetic 🙂 Great deals! How lucky to be able to find Illamasqua at TK Maxx! Our Canadian version of the store never seems to get that brand.


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