Photo Journal: Tate Britain

Hi all! A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend and I ventured down the river to the original Tate. I hadn’t been in at least ten years (!!), and as I am someone who supposedly enjoys art and pretends to be cultured etc., it seemed like a pretty good idea to pay it another visit.

To get down the river, we took a boat – which was super irrationally exciting! I’ve never been on the Thames itself and I avoid most things boat related (unless they’re small and fast, ya feel?), so this was a pretty new experience. It was more expensive that getting the bus or tube, but was surprisingly fast and definitely a lovely experience – on the tube you get oppressive darkness; on the boat you get some wonderful views. I think I’ll definitely try and take someone who’s visiting London on one of the boat rides, just for the experience and the view; you properly tick off lots of landmarks in a short period of time.

I made sure we sat right up front (and that I got the window seat, I’m pretty possessive over the window seat..), but the views were good regardless of where you were sitting.

It was only two stops from the Tate Modern, Bankside, to the Tate Britain, and then you literally just have to cross a road to arrive at the entrance.


I didn’t have any expectations coming in. I did not pick up a map, I did not Google. I had no idea what kind of pieces the Tate had, and thanks to that, I was constantly impressed and taken by surprise! I finally got to see my Ophelia, a painting by John Millais, which I’ve been a fan of since first reading Hamlet and doing a project on Ophelia back in ’10.


Outfit: silky shift dress from Topshop, faux leather jacket from Topman

Another surprise for me was seeing a couple Hockney pieces, especially the incredibly famous A Bigger Splash. It’s always incredible just wandering into a exhibit and coming face to face with something so tremendous.

The room below was one of my favourites. The photo shows a photography exhibit by Jo Spence, entitled Libido Uprising Part 1 and 2, from 1989. On the wall perpendicular to it, was a collection of pamphlets, promotional and materials from the Hackney Flashers – whom I’d never heard of before.

The Tate also has a wing dedicated to Turner (whom Hugo enjoys), and room dedicated to William Blake (whom I adore) – so something for the both of us!

Currently listening to Nightcall by Kavinsky, and hoping you’re feeling even half as chill as I am right now x


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