Intergalactic – Lush Bathbomb

Okay, I’m beginning to get a few too many ‘my favourite EVER!’ bathbombs – because this is definitely one of them. I can have multiple favourites, right?!

I think this has got to be the most magical in terms of its aftermath. Some bathbombs are beautiful but die out quick, some even leave your water a nasty colour after putting on their pretty show (like the Experimenter leaving the water that weird grey, or any bathbomb that leaves it pee colour – no thanks).

This bathbomb left me utterly, utterly transfixed – was my water the midnight sky, complete with twinkling stars, or was it the very depths of the ocean? I did not want to get out of this bath. I tend to have baths where I do something else at the same time – on my phone using social media or prepping blog posts, even setting up my laptop across from me so I can catch up on shows. With intergalactic, there was none of that – no electronic distractions, just too busy enjoying being in this bath.
As always, Vines to show the bathbomb at work: one for the drop, one for close ups, and a final one to show the colour of the water and all the glitter!

I so, SO enjoyed this one! Properly magical xx


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