Lush Luxury Pud – Lush Bathbomb

Best Christmas pudding ever?! This is right up there with Twilight for me, in terms of fave bathbombs to date. Boxes it ticks: colourful and mobile, relatively long lasting, super fragrant, leaves skin silky, leaves the water an exciting colour.

This is a lavender delight, priced at £3.95, and, according to the Lush website, it

provides the perfect Christmas dessert for your skin, while the reassuring scent of lavender oil and creamy benzoin resinoid banishes tension and aids relaxation.

Nothing I disagree with! I’ll definitely be buying it again. Here we go ~

Vine of the drop is here!

This was so pretty! I didn’t know what to expect from the brightly coloured circular bits of the bathbomb, and was surprised when they very quickly detached themselves from the rest of the bomb. The white foam along the top was my favourite part, it looked almost like a pastel oil slick.

And it was so fab and just kept on going, puttering about my bath, that I had to make a second Vine – this one also shows an overview of the whole bath, not just just close ups.

I really liked the colour of the water! It was quite translucent, in that I could see my whole body in the water (with a lot of bathbombs it becomes milky, and you can’t see anything), and it was as if I was looking through a bright pink filter.Really enjoyed this one, I absolutely recommend it – a Lush Christmas necessity xx


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