Barbie Tutorial!

I am a Barbie fan, there’s no denying it. She was one of my most played with toys growing up, and I had a lot of her paraphernalia – the car, the dining room, a faux marble bathroom. Being blonde, there’s an instantly relatable factor, plus we both happen to have impeccable taste and love shoes, what can I say.

With Halloween fast approaching, I’m inclined to think of ways that I can use makeup to bring my character a little more to life, rather than relying wholly on a costume. And, with the purchase of a new lipstick, Makeup Revolution’s Ken Will Want Me, Barbie seemed to make a whole lot of sense.

This lipstick is literally Barbie. It is absolutely her colour.

Exhibit A! Literally her colour.

Makeup, judging by my google image research, goes like this:

Lips: defined top and wide bottom, bright pink

Eyebrows: pale brown, soft and gently sloped

Eyes: black winged liner, full lashes, brown liner on bottom, lid defined by a brown line, pink eyeshadow above it

Face: cheeks are lightly pink, face is a full and rounded shape, very light under the eyes, bridge of nose is flat and undefined

I doubled checked with alternate depictions of her, to see if this was pretty standard –

It was! I’m pretty smiley about her having a rounded face, I’m down a lot of the time about how round mine is, so good thing I’ve found such a role model at age 22 hey.

Here’s how I attempted to mirror her look –


Makeup Revolution – Makeup Geek palette, eyeshadow

Soap & Glory – Archery palette, eyebrows

Maybelline – Great Lash mascara

Soap & Glory – Supercat eyeliner

I went for small wings but big lashes, using brownish red liner to create the rounded line on my kids and then blending it with a bright pink eyeshadow.


I went for a bright pink blush, blended out with plenty of highlighter. Contouring was limited to my nose and defining my chin only – nothing on the cheeks.

W7 – blush stick in Paris

Bourjois – colour correcting foundation

Coastal Scents – contour palette

Makeup Revolution – contour palette

Makeup Revolution – highlighter in Golden Lights

Makeup Revolution – blush in Blushing Hearts


Makeup Revolution – Ken Will Want Me lipstick

Lips were really the ‘Barbie’ factor. I wanted to get the shape right too, so I lined them with my pink liner (darker than the lipstick shade – but it worked out wonderfully), and made them a little bit fuller, and got a proper, shapely top lip.

With love! Xx


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