Star Dust – Lush Bathbomb

Lush is Halloween and Christmas ready, and so am I. I currently have 12 lush bath products on call, most of them only recently released (, yeah, you’ll be getting a lot of Lush posts).

I decided to try out Star Dust first, which is a white, speckled with blue, star. It’s priced at £2.95 (a pound cheaper than your standard bathbomb), and is sweet-scented.

I did my usual: made a little Vine of the bathbomb’s entry, which you can watch here.

It got from one end of the bath to the other before reaching the end of its life cycle – so definitely one of the shorter lasting bath bombs.

When it got to the middle of the bathbomb, you got confetti like jelly bits in bright colours coming out – which was a cute “oooh-ahhh!” surprise. These little bits slowly dissolved into the water as well, which was nice initially I did think they were actual bits of confetti that I was going to have to clean up!

The water was turned an icy blue, and was quite cloudy. (As you can tell from me set-up, I take bathtime very seriously!)

I buy bathbombs for their aesthetic purpose, not just because they smell good, relax me or help out my skin, so I’m inclined to rate a shorter lasting, less ‘exciting’ bathbomb lower than say, a bathbomb that makes it look like a unicorns thrown up in your bath water.

Also, with this one, a couple of things weren’t as expected – the surface of the bathbomb is very glittery, so I was surprised when I couldn’t notice glitter in the water or any glitter on my skin. And, this was the first bathbomb I’ve had from Lush that didn’t make my skin slippery smooth. Instead it left my skin feeling like it does after you wash with a bar of mum’s soap – whatever the opposite of slippery smooth is, it felt like that. (The word ‘clean’ is probably the one I’m looking for, but I can be clean without feeling like my skins been rubbed aggressively with hotel soap).

I wouldn’t buy it again, that’s not to say I hated it (because I definitely didn’t!), but there are other Lush products out there that tick far more boxes x


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