Quickie: Ultra-filling Lunch

I feel almost obliged to share this, as it was just too good to keep to myself!

  • A whole aubergine (sliced, roasted using low cal cooking spray and some extra virgin olive oil, black pepper on top)
  • A cup of mixed salad (I like them sweet, so watercress and baby spinach based)
  • A chicken breast (~150g, diced and baked over the roasting aubergine. I poured 2tbsp light soy sauce over the chicken and aubergine)
  • Giant couscous (1/4 cup dry, made in vegetable stock)
  • Huge dollop of humus
  • Courgette spaghetti (1/4 of a pack, stir-fried with low cal spray, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a tablespoon of pasatta)

Delicious! Super filling,  and full of the good stuff. Happy Sunday xx


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