Happy Belated Bi Visibility Day!

Hi all! Long time no post. A whole nine days in fact – eek, eek. I’ve been all over the place and trying to work out how to balance uni, a load of extra curriculars, and my little personal corner of the internet.

You haven’t missed much with me, but there’ll be a couple catch up posts scheduled as I went down to Dartmoor last weekend (I fell in love with it!), have bought the most ridiculous number of bathbombs, and probably a general personal one just to confirm that I am in fact still alive.

The biggie that was missed was Bi Visibility Day, which was the 23rd of September (yep, that’s how behind I am on my posts, oh my god). For anyone who is unclear on bisexuality, wants to know what’s up or what it even is, then Everyday Feminism is always a good place to start. And, if you know any bisexual people or want to educate yourself anyway, this is a great article to read and then share.

I celebrated Bi Visibility day by doing some wild makeup inspired by two things: the bi flag, and also my lovely friend Amber’s makeup. She’s amazing, and I talked about her a little bit in this post, as she played a big role in me discovering and then becoming interested in makeup.

Here’s the look:For the eyes I used the old fave tape trick to create a defined line, which I then went over with winged eyeliner. It was a high-shine affair! All the glitter. It was also really good practice for me as I’m not great at blending, so that was fun too.

Tape Trick

Makeup Revolution – Makeup Geek palette
Soap & Glory – Super Cat eyeliner
Soap & Glory – Archery, brow palette
Maybelline – Great Lash mascara



W7 – lipstick in Kir Royale
Makeup Revolution – Wow Gloss in You Go Girl

I wanted to continue with the purple tones, so went for a purple toned lipstick with purple lipgloss over the top.

The rest of my face was pretty lightly done – initially I’d meant to do only the eyes, so it was more of an afterthought. I had very light coverage foundation on, Nars blush in Orgasm, Sephora highlighter in Rose, and light contouring from my Coastal Scents palette.

Much love! X


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