Gemma’s 21st, and Dreamboys Galore

I always forget that I’m a solid smidge older than most my uni friends! This Saturday we pre-emptively celebrated my flatmate Gemma’s birthday – she turns 21 next Saturday, but as she’s going home for the big day itself, we decided to celebrate in advance. We were at a loss as to what to do, originally, and were even super close to booking us all in at a spa. However, and to be honest I cannot remember how the idea even cropped up, we decided on male strippers. Duh.

Our next task was actually finding a strip club in London that targeted an audience that was interested in men. Harder than it sounds! After breaking through the adult locks on our 4G, we were able to find the Dreamboys, gathered the girls, and got the tickets sorted. Now, I’ve been to strip clubs, but never have I seen male strippers. We knew first up that it was going to be heavy on the hen parties, and we knew that we were going to be reduced to shameless giggles the ENTIRE time.

First up! Makeup and outfits:

I knew that I wanted full coverage, for it to be super long-lasting, and to have a bit of a ‘stand out’ effect. I used my fave scrub in the shower, toned, and then primed (L’Oreal), before applying my colour correcting foundation by Bourjois. Eyebrows were penciled (Maybelline), filled in with powder (Soap & Glory), and then kept in place with brow mascara (Maybelline). Eyelids were also primed (Soap & Glory), before using my current fave palette, Makeup Geek by Makeup Revolution. I used lilac, silver and grey, all metallic, for a dreamy and light smoky eye. Mascara was Maybelline’s Great Lash. I went for full contouring (Coastal Scents), light bronzing (Makeup Revolution), silver highlighter (Lush), and a bright white finishing powder (Mary Kay).

Originally, I had been pretty set on wearing something revealing, but the only thing I’ve got that goes with all my leather/plunge/cut out affairs are my black jeans, and since I’ve put a couple kilos back on, I haven’t really fancied wearing them. I was also pretty uncomfortable in my two bodycons, so instead gave this dress from Monki a go. I am the biggest sucker for lurex and metallic thread. It was its first outing, and it’s a pretty shapeless and long thing so I belted it. Block heels are from New Look – just £7.99 in their summer sale ah!

(An FYI for those concerned – I only had the shoes on for photos, when we headed out it was back in the airboot for me, boo. The good thing was that it matched my dress.)

Heather (middle in the top photo, right in the bottom one) is wearing literally all my clothes haha! Skirt is from Bershka, heels from Nose, and black cami from Wallis. Gemma’s in a Topshop dress and New Look heels.
At the club we met up with Fish and Danielle, and so began our hilarious, alcohol-heavy, ab-filled night! I’m going to refrain from going into too much detail because it was certainly not safe for work, but I will say: you will see dicks, you will scream and whoop to no end even if you went in for just a giggle, you will chant “OFF OFF OFF”, your mind will be blown by the levels of hot that these men reach, you will excitedly cling to your best friends whilst firmly crossing your legs. I’ve already decided that we’re going for my birthday, if that tells you anything!

Squeeeee! Xxx


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