Ciaté: Sand Dune

I picked up two Ciaté nailpolish paint pots in TK Maxx as part of my intu MK haul – a beautiful gold, Sand Dune (PP085), and a magical gold and purple oil-spill, Spending Spree (108). This post is about the Sand Dune, which I am particularly in love with!

One coat:

Double coat:

What amazes me is the real likeliness to gold. Not yellow gold, or a dirty gold – but gold gold. Magical gold, like the way Disney princess hair is meant to be. That kind of gold. Light, highly reflective, with a bit of a silver glow under artificial lighting. I’ve also had mixed experiences with Ciaté’s longevity and quality, but this is probably the best I’ve had yet. With no base or top coat, it still lasted a few days without chipping, and it also layers well – so if you do chip, it’s easy to cover up and fill in the blanks! I’d also managed to properly nick my thumb nail whilst shaving the other day, but two coats of this polish and I could barely see it! I was pretty darn pleased.

Happy Sunday! Xx


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