Photo Journal: Warner Bros. Studios

Tickets can be bought here, and I’d recommend booking them in advance, especially if you’re going during the holiday season or when there’s a special event on!

This is a must-visit for any fan, it’s really that simple. Everything you ever wanted to know about the movies and cast, every behind-the-scenes detail, all the production and design stuff.. it’s an absolute dream. Mum and I had lots of tears in our eyes, and I had a solid cry at the end of it. It’s funny, because one of my friends had visited and had said that it changed her impression of the movies, understanding that the green screens behind it and seeing the models and animatronics, but for me it somehow made it all the more real. I mean, Harry Potter really does exist for me, and I can’t begin to talk about how and why it’s so important (that’s a whole blog post on it’s own), but walking into that last room and seeing Hogwarts. My god, I bawled. There was nothing disappointing about this experience. They were incredibly accommodating as well, especially as I turned up in my wheelchair and had only informed them of it literally an hour before.

Make sure you try the Butterbeer ice cream, I enjoyed it a lot more than the drink! And don’t forget to pick up some chocolate frogs and sugar quills in the gift shop at the end.


I don’t think Hugo had much faith in my driving..

Sirius is one of my favourite book characters, so seeing him was wonderful. The Buckbeak in the next room was absolutely mindblowing! Made more so by the wonderful Warwick Davis commentary.

I took SO many photos – but nowhere near enough to fully share the experience. It really was magical. And you get to ride a broomstick, so. You should probably buy your tickets ASAP 😀 xxx


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