The Experimenter – Lush Bathbomb

The Experimenter is like, THE Lush bathbomb. It’s the ultimate. It’s the bathbomb that has its portrait taken and lands on Tumblr with a squillion notes. Currently sold out online, you’d have to pop into your local to pick one of these beauties up. Worth it though? For £3.95 you get your very own delicate Jackson Pollack ft. fairies in your bath, and the smell literally emanates from you for a solid day after. So, that’s a yes from me. Was it entirely what I expected? Funnily enough, no it wasn’t.

For the full list of ingredients and quick reviews, pop over to The Experimenter’s page on the Lush website. And for now, here are way too many photos –

– Packaging –

Same as always! But no description on the front.

– Before the Drop –

Really like the shape of it, and that you see what you get colour-wise.

– Just dropped –  

Also refer to this quick Vine I made showing it going in.

Close up of the colours and the bathbomb’s trail!

Safe to say I love this! Astonishingly beautiful, with amazing colours.

– Looking over the whole bath – 

First picture (on the left) is a minute after dropping it in, and the second is three minutes after.

This was when my initial excitement began to wear off a little bit, and the disappointment started. Where were my pretty colours! Why had it petered out so quickly? The bathbomb lost mass really, really fast, and didn’t seem to cover a lot of ground.

– Five minutes in –

The photos don’t capture the final colour of the water: dark grey, purple around the edges, and full of glitter! It was something I really didn’t expect, and initially I was pretty disappointed at how short a time the bright colours had lasted (and how they didn’t get very far around the bath’s surface at all), but I definitely warmed up to it and ended up enjoying it as a kind of separate experience to when it was first dropped in the water.


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