W7: Chunky Cheeks

Having had great success with the W7 eye palettes, I decided to branch out and try some of the other makeup that they do. I went for three blush sticks: Paris (the pale pink), New York (the darker pink), and London (the orange-y coral).

I bought all of them on Amazon, links here: Paris (£2.10), New York (£2.98), London (£2.39). I’m not sure how the prices are calculated, but as they were under £3 a piece, I wasn’t about to try too hard to work it out! All of them arrived separately but within three days of ordering – which I was very impressed by!

Read on for swatches and close-ups –

Front on (okay, I really loved just how exactly the colours of the blush matched the packaging!) –

From above – 

The first swatch –

Using my finger to blend it out a little and spread the colour –

Okay. I was really impressed by these. They are so soft to the touch! They blend easily and smoothly, a little goes a long way, and the colours are subtle and natural and just what I want from a blush. I’m not a fan of really unnatural blushers – I like a little bit of colour, a hint of make up (..before I layer on the highlighter). These colours do exactly that. It was also my first experience with a stick blusher, and I found that I really liked the experience – first try I used Paris to draw a line down my cheekbones and blended up, which I liked, but my second try I used London on the rounds of my cheeks, and I really loved that effect!

Really looking forward to creating some full looks with these babies xx


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