Happy Breakfast

A big mid-week hello from me! I’ve been horribly absent from this blog, with a lot of my recent posts being scheduled ones. I’m all moved in to my new flat, am still recovering from my surgery, and had a very lovely visit from my dad last week. Unfortunately, we’ve had every problem imaginable trying to get wifi in the flat – and it’s been five weeks since we moved in! Which is very much my excuse for having not been posting anything too exciting, as I have to draft posts on my phone and then get someone to take me to the uni library for wifi so I can properly format them! Bit tedious. 

As I’m heading out to the library soon, mostly to schedule more posts!, I decided to tank up a bit and have a proper breakfast. 2 minute oats, oat milk, blackberries, raspberries, chia seeds and coconut chips! Yes please.


This was definitely just a quick drop-by from me so that I could check-in, remind you all that I’m a real person and not just an automated blog posting machine (borrring, we all want some personality behind the posts, no?), and to wish you a very happy rest of the week 😀 hoping the weather where you are is less dreadful than it is here xxx


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