Skydancer – Lush Bathbomb

This is another one of Lush’s charity bathbombs, this time with profits going to help protect endangered Hen Harrier chicks.

With bergamot, Sicilian lemon and cinnamon leaf oils, this bath bomb will take you under its wing and fight wildlife crime in one clean sweep.

Here’s one of the adorable little creatures:

Hen Harriers are Britain’s most endangered bird, and their breeding has dramatically reduced – only 16 chicks were raised in 2014. There are lots of things you can do to help though, and the Lush website is full of ideas. In the meantime time though, you can pop into your local Lush store and pick up one of their Skydancer Far from the Madding Guns bath bombs. All profits go towards buying satellite tags and equipment for the chicks!

The bath bomb is, in my opinion, one of their better ones! I like something with tangible fragrance, that’s pretty and does something cool with the water, and, something that actually makes a difference to my skin. A lot to ask for! But this baby delivers. The Skydancer soars about your bath leaving a trail of thick yellow foam, and this lasts for a while – I’m the impatient sort and also tend to enjoy splashing about a bit, so there was soon blue and purple from the bird’s body shooting into the yellow.

The water turned a lime-y green – a lot brighter looking than I could adequately capture on my phone. It also didn’t leave the water totally opaque, like some bathbombs. Here’s a very brief clip, via my Vine, of the Skydancer in action – it’ll give you a better idea of the water colour, too.

I was pretty impressed with how smooth it left my skin afterwards, too. It left my legs silky to the touch, and well-moisturised. At just £3.95 a piece, I really recommend giving one of these bombs a go!


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