W7: Lightly Toasted and Up In Smoke

Cosmetic brand W7 offer a huge, huge range of make up and make up accessories. I was first introduced to them by one of my fab flatmates, and hastily went about adding at least eight of their products onto my Amazon wishlist. And, finally, I got around to ordering these palettes in!

I was pretty spoiled for choice, as W7 offers a ridiculously wide range of make up, and a pretty wide selection of eye shadow palettes. The series that I recognised (and then bought from!) was their “In the…” selection: In the Buff, In the Nude, In the Buff: Lightly Toasted, In the Night, and In the Night: Up in Smoke. Check them out. For cereal. You won’t regret it. Such a wide range!

The In the Buff series reminded me the most of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. With In the Nude being most reminiscent of the pink and rose gold of Naked3, and the In the Buff an earthier and browner version of Naked2. I opted for palettes that weren’t similar to what I already had (though, that being said, I did quite literally throw out all the eyeshadow I owned after buying Naked3..), and went for the smoky selection, and Lightly Toasted (love gold and natural tones with my skin and hair).

In terms of colour choices and packaging style, they’re very similar (one might even hear the word ‘dupe’ thrown in there) to Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. Though, to be fair W7’s Up in Smoke landed before Urban Decay’s Smoky did! Shocker. Anyway:

  • The tins are of the same dimensions as Naked3, with Up in Smoke being exactly the same size, and Lightly Toasted a little chunkier. The branding on the tops of the tins is even embossed, not just stuck on.
  • They all have 12 eyeshadows within, and, all have a selection of 2 – 3 mattes.
  • Each come with a brush, though not quite of the same standard as Urban Decay’s. Lightly Toasted has a double ended brush, with one end a smudger, which I’m not a fan of. Up in Smoke also has a double ended brush, and both brush ends are the same size — unlike Naked3, which has the double ended brush, one smaller and one larger for blending.
  • The names of the colours are of a similar style to Urban Decay, though the ones in Up in Smoke are a nicer mix of fun and logic. (Legit, if I said ‘Buzz’ to you, I doubt you would go “ah yes, a silver based, high-glitter pink!”)
  • The W7 eyeshadows seem a bit more powdery than the Urban Decay — so you have to be a little gentle with the brush, and make sure to tap excess off.
  • And, the W7 eyeshadows have a life span of 18 months, rather than the 12 months that Naked3 has — not that I uh, listen to those. I’ve still got my first ever lipstick. Oops.

Unlike Urban Decay, the names of the colours are on the back of the tin, rather than on the inside and under the respective eyeshadow.

Up in Smoke (top picture, and from left to right):
All White, Bunny, NYC, Jive, Cement, Thunder, Meteor, Carbon, Diesel, Arty, X Factor, Coal

Lightly Toasted (bottom picture, from left to right):
Teddy Bear, Wonderland, Cracker, Happy, Lady Luck, Twister, Di Di, Delilah, Magic, It’s a Dream, Up in Smoke, Dawn

Literally. Who comes up with these names. Dream job right there.

And below, swatches. Lightly Toasted on top (the very light colours on the left, fighting with the sun), and Up in Smoke below.

Now, I bought my palettes on Amazon, and got them for fantastic prices: Up in Smoke for £4.60, here, and Lightly Toasted for £4.37, here. At the time, I got a great deal for the two palettes together with next day delivery (I’m a prime member) for £10! Incred. I still remember the butterflies and “it’s going to be fine, it’s worth it, chill out, it’s only a huge % of my paycheck shhhh” when I handed over some cray amount of money in Sephora for my Urban Decay palette. If you’re not an Amazon fan, then they have their own website and stockists list (both UK and non-UK).

For a full review and more swatches, read on.

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Essentials, Makeup Edition!

August absolutely crept up on me, but as we’ve passed its mid-point, here is my ‘August Essentials’ list!

As I had to relocate, I also had to pack – and packing means cutting down. Two third of my make up collection went into storage, whilst my pink make up case (substantially lighter) got shoveled into the Uber alongside me.

my lovely all-pink set up, and my make up case!

This has given me the perfect grounds to do a fun list of my favourite, most-used products — as they’re the products I’ve brought with me. Because I had the space, I did bring more than necessary, so I’ll only share my top picks and then do a spotlight review of my absolute faves!

Nars blush in Orgasm
Sephora highlighter in
High Beam by Benefit

Double ended brush by H&M
Real Techniques foundation brush
Real Techniques buffing brush

Mary Kay translucent setting powder

 Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay
Topshop contour cream in
Barry M matte top coat
Feeling Younger by Lush (as reviewed by me here)
Maybelline‘s Brow Drama in dark blonde
Sumptuous Extreme mascara by Estée Lauder (sample)
Sephora rouge in Charmer (as reviewed by me here)

A closer look at my top three –

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70s: Beauty Challenge

Funnily enough, I actually did quite a bit of research before starting on this one – I was super set on doing Twiggy’s classic eyes, but needed to confirm that I was thinking of the right decade! Twiggy’s rise to fame was in the late 60s and, thankfully, her look continued into the early 70s. Therefore, fun eyes were a-go. Less fortunately though, they kind of turned out a little more difficult than expected, especially as I either have an even more asymmetrical face than I previously though, or I’m just rubbish at drawing lines. Probably a bit of both! I had a lot of fun with this, and having found some incred 70s make up looks (yay for digitalisation and being able to access editorials and magazine covers online), I might have another go and create a different 70s look tomorrow.

Special thanks go out to my lovely aunty (whose home I’m currently living in, too, she’s an angel), who is constant fashion inspiration. I went on a little bit about her here, when I was trying on her late 60s crochet dresses. Knowing that this post was incoming, I demanded that she get some of her polaroids out so I could take pictures of them to show off what an absolute babe she was, and to be honest, still is.

Literally my dream haircut, too. Apparently she used to sleep with her sideburn-y bits taped down, so they’d stay in shape! She was over six foot by 15, and all legs. Some of her dresses in the photo albums, oh my days. Anyway. One day I’ll find the photos of my dad in his platforms and flares. One day.

~ Outfit, make up breakdown and product list ~

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Shameless Self-Promotion

In celebration of meeting a couple social media and blogging milestones (there are 150 of you following me on here, like what! Hello you cool people!), I’ve decided to share my social media accounts. Feel free to chuck me a follow (like, feel super free to do that), and of course leave your details in the comments so that I can check out your other platforms and follow you back!

Instagram – for my face (because you don’t get enough of that here, you know)


Bloglovin’ – keep up to date with my content, and view the posts I save from blogs I follow

Twitter – join in with my constant complaining

Pinterest – because I have excellent taste in interiors, lingerie and shoes

Pinterest and Instagram are easily my two most-used, and also my preferred, media. Love ’em.

But yeah! Don’t be shy, leave links in the comments, and I’ll have a look-see 😀

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend xx

Strawberry Milkshake

Grey skies be gone! Here’s a wild injection of colour for your evening.


Nails are Strawberry Milkshake by Ciaté! Goes on a dream, and dries quick. Also looks killer under a matte top coat. Kept it high shine for this gloomy day though. It’s a fab shade of pink. Matches everything from my phone case to Alpacasso.

Playlist: August

It’s about to hit mid-August. What does that mean? It’s playlist time, that’s what. I’ve been feeling pretty mellow, and I guess this reflects that. To be honest, I actually haven’t been listening to music much at all — which is an even bigger reflection of my mood. I’m very much the kind of person that always has background noise, always has headphones in, and that hasn’t been the case so much recently. I don’t know entirely why. But hopefully making this gets me back into it a bit! I only included songs that you can find on Spotify. I’d like to think that, mellow that it is, this playlist is also pretty hopeful.

August Playlist tracklist

Give the playlist a listen here.

~ Tracklist ~

The Writer – Ellie Goulding

Down by the River – Milky Chance

Southern Wilds – Honeywater

Mess is Mine – Vance Joy

Gold – Brika

If You Love Her – To Be Frank

Dorian – Agnes Obel

Hear the Bells – Porter Robinson, Imaginary Cities

Blame – Denai Moore

Little Wanderer – Death Cab for Cutie

Fever to the Form – Nick Mulvey

Tattooed Fists – Monument Valley

Late 60s: crochet dresses

One of my favourite things about being in my aunt and uncle’s house, is getting to spend the majority of the visit down memory lane. And not always my memories, either. My aunt is like me: keen to hold onto things, finding importance in mementos, and appreciating the history and stories of certain objects. We love photos, and will often spend time looking through albums. We know our family tree right the way back.

I’ve been here only a few days, and already have tried on rings (my granny’s, great grandma’s and my aunty’s old engagement ring), laughed about the things my mum used to wear (she was very, very out there and folk-y), and tried on the handmade crochet dresses that my great grandmother had made for my aunty! These dresses are from the late 60s, and my aunt must’ve been in her 20s. There were three: a gold, sleeveless shift (not pictured — too small for me!), a bronze shift, and a lavender and silver shift of the same design. The two dresses pictured also had matching purses to go with them!

Both dresses were completely unlined, and definitely on the small side in my opinion! I’d tried them on once before, when I was 12, and they fit then, so I suppose I should be glad that I’ve grown since then haha! My aunt was an absolute rail, and had actually been spotted and asked to model, but she’d declined.

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