Just a fun little post to share some photos I found on uncle’s thumbdrive. So you’ll (hopefully) remember my post with the handmade crochet dresses, right? Late 60s, made by my great grandmother, worn by my aunt. If you can’t remember or you haven’t seen it before, then you can find that post here (#shamelessplug), which also has some examples of modern crochet pieces and where you can buy them.

I found the photos from when I first tried these dresses on, and they were actually from 2004 – so I was pretty close, only one year off with my:

I’d tried them on once before, when I was 12, and they fit then, so I suppose I should be glad that I’ve grown since then haha

And they definitely did fit better then, that’s for sure – my physique was a little more comparable to my should’ve-been-a-model aunty. I was pre-puberty (those days were very good to me, I have to say, I remember them fondly. Everything after year eight can suck a poo), on every sports team available, and had just done some local modelling. I was 11, which is very frighteningly half my current age. Weird.

Photos are all courtesy of my Uncle’s circa-’04 digital camera and aunty’s photography skills (let’s remember what a new and exciting invention a digital camera was back then!) –
60s Crochet Dress60s Crochet Dress260s handmade crochet dress

That last one for a fun comparison!

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to your week, all. I’m moving back to London tomorrow to get my cast off (!!) and so have had to schedule a couple posts to keep things up to date for the rest of the week. I’ll be moving into the new flat, too, which I am beyond excited about! Love, xx


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