W7: Lightly Toasted and Up In Smoke

Cosmetic brand W7 offer a huge, huge range of make up and make up accessories. I was first introduced to them by one of my fab flatmates, and hastily went about adding at least eight of their products onto my Amazon wishlist. And, finally, I got around to ordering these palettes in!

I was pretty spoiled for choice, as W7 offers a ridiculously wide range of make up, and a pretty wide selection of eye shadow palettes. The series that I recognised (and then bought from!) was their “In the…” selection: In the Buff, In the Nude, In the Buff: Lightly Toasted, In the Night, and In the Night: Up in Smoke. Check them out. For cereal. You won’t regret it. Such a wide range!

The In the Buff series reminded me the most of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. With In the Nude being most reminiscent of the pink and rose gold of Naked3, and the In the Buff an earthier and browner version of Naked2. I opted for palettes that weren’t similar to what I already had (though, that being said, I did quite literally throw out all the eyeshadow I owned after buying Naked3..), and went for the smoky selection, and Lightly Toasted (love gold and natural tones with my skin and hair).

In terms of colour choices and packaging style, they’re very similar (one might even hear the word ‘dupe’ thrown in there) to Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. Though, to be fair W7’s Up in Smoke landed before Urban Decay’s Smoky did! Shocker. Anyway:

  • The tins are of the same dimensions as Naked3, with Up in Smoke being exactly the same size, and Lightly Toasted a little chunkier. The branding on the tops of the tins is even embossed, not just stuck on.
  • They all have 12 eyeshadows within, and, all have a selection of 2 – 3 mattes.
  • Each come with a brush, though not quite of the same standard as Urban Decay’s. Lightly Toasted has a double ended brush, with one end a smudger, which I’m not a fan of. Up in Smoke also has a double ended brush, and both brush ends are the same size — unlike Naked3, which has the double ended brush, one smaller and one larger for blending.
  • The names of the colours are of a similar style to Urban Decay, though the ones in Up in Smoke are a nicer mix of fun and logic. (Legit, if I said ‘Buzz’ to you, I doubt you would go “ah yes, a silver based, high-glitter pink!”)
  • The W7 eyeshadows seem a bit more powdery than the Urban Decay — so you have to be a little gentle with the brush, and make sure to tap excess off.
  • And, the W7 eyeshadows have a life span of 18 months, rather than the 12 months that Naked3 has — not that I uh, listen to those. I’ve still got my first ever lipstick. Oops.

Unlike Urban Decay, the names of the colours are on the back of the tin, rather than on the inside and under the respective eyeshadow.

Up in Smoke (top picture, and from left to right):
All White, Bunny, NYC, Jive, Cement, Thunder, Meteor, Carbon, Diesel, Arty, X Factor, Coal

Lightly Toasted (bottom picture, from left to right):
Teddy Bear, Wonderland, Cracker, Happy, Lady Luck, Twister, Di Di, Delilah, Magic, It’s a Dream, Up in Smoke, Dawn

Literally. Who comes up with these names. Dream job right there.

And below, swatches. Lightly Toasted on top (the very light colours on the left, fighting with the sun), and Up in Smoke below.

Now, I bought my palettes on Amazon, and got them for fantastic prices: Up in Smoke for £4.60, here, and Lightly Toasted for £4.37, here. At the time, I got a great deal for the two palettes together with next day delivery (I’m a prime member) for £10! Incred. I still remember the butterflies and “it’s going to be fine, it’s worth it, chill out, it’s only a huge % of my paycheck shhhh” when I handed over some cray amount of money in Sephora for my Urban Decay palette. If you’re not an Amazon fan, then they have their own website and stockists list (both UK and non-UK).

For a full review and more swatches, read on.

Lightly Toasted

Above: the full palette.

Above: the dark side, the light side, and then the colours after a couple wipes with a dry tissue.

Above: the three lightest colours on my finger tips, and then the lightest colours swatched on the palest bit of skin I could find!

Above: examples of colour variations and blending, using the full palette

See my Rock Festival/vampy look with the gold tones here.

Future looks? I’m pretty keen to use the reds and deep browns to create some dark nude looks, and some forest-inspired looks. The golds have already proved themselves to be fantastic, and I’m highly likely to repeat that look.

Verdict? The lightest colours are pretty disappointing, especially when I already have the Naked3 palette that has some standout lighter shades. But, I am reluctant to write them off before I try them on my eyelids! The swatches alone however, show how light the colour is.

Up in Smoke

Above: the full palette
Above: the lightest, the darkest, and then the colours after being wiped at with a dry tissue

See the lightest, All White, in my mermaid look here.

Future looks? Oh yeah, lots planned for this palette! The reds here are in fact my favourite, and I think they’d really suit a halo’d grunge look. There are multiple smokey eyed looks to create: industrial matte grey, silver based fairy-ness, or a night sky with solid black. And those are all with or without eyeliner. From my mermaid look, I also know that I can use these babies to create some phenomenal lip colour (though that’s probably not doing my lips any good).

Verdict? Love it. Pigmentation, for the lighter colours at least, seems a lot stronger than the Lightly Toasted palette. The dark colours seem long lasting, and that’s not something I usually worry about, as I would be using a primer anyway. This is such a versatile and varied palette: you have a couple more natural shades, you’ve got a baby pink, and you have every every shade of grey you could want for.

Overall? Worth it. You’re looking at £10 for two versatile palettes. Pigmentation is varied but overall strong. A variety of shades, both matte and high-shine. You’d be able to create a wild multitude of looks with a single palette. The Up in Smoke palette I’ve found particularly impressive, and I think in terms of creating a smokey eye, it’s going to be my absolute go-to.


7 thoughts on “W7: Lightly Toasted and Up In Smoke

    1. Yeah, my Naked3 Palette is always going to be my baby haha! They’re great palettes if you don’t have the budget and don’t mind having something that’s not as pigmented, long-lasting or high quality. Still, for what you pay for, it’s incredible 🙂 x


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