Essentials, Makeup Edition!

August absolutely crept up on me, but as we’ve passed its mid-point, here is my ‘August Essentials’ list!

As I had to relocate, I also had to pack – and packing means cutting down. Two third of my make up collection went into storage, whilst my pink make up case (substantially lighter) got shoveled into the Uber alongside me.

my lovely all-pink set up, and my make up case!

This has given me the perfect grounds to do a fun list of my favourite, most-used products — as they’re the products I’ve brought with me. Because I had the space, I did bring more than necessary, so I’ll only share my top picks and then do a spotlight review of my absolute faves!

Nars blush in Orgasm
Sephora highlighter in
High Beam by Benefit

Double ended brush by H&M
Real Techniques foundation brush
Real Techniques buffing brush

Mary Kay translucent setting powder

 Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay
Topshop contour cream in
Barry M matte top coat
Feeling Younger by Lush (as reviewed by me here)
Maybelline‘s Brow Drama in dark blonde
Sumptuous Extreme mascara by Estée Lauder (sample)
Sephora rouge in Charmer (as reviewed by me here)

A closer look at my top three –

Naked3 by Urban Decay

Swatched are my most-used colours (not including Strange, which is my absolute most-used as I use it for highlighting my brows): Exist, Limit, Nooner, Mugshot.

£38, by Urban Decay

Why is this here? Because it’s amazing, easy answer. I’ve swatched my most used colours, and they really are my most used — if I’m “not wearing make up today” but my eyes are a bit sparkly looking, I’m probably still wearing one of them. I love creating low-key looks. It’s so easy to use, and so easy to make look good, too. There is zero effort required in using this palette and blending these colours

Benefit’s High Beam

 £19.50, by Benefit 

Now, is this worth the cost, would I be buying another one when this one runs out? No, probably not. I got it with Moon Beam (useless) as part of a Christmas gift, and I had previously never owned anything by Benefit. I use this a lot. I like that I can use it alone or I can use it alongside my other highlighters (especially my #1, Sephora’s Rose Pink), I like how far the smallest bit of it goes, and I like that its pink-toned and not straight up silver. If I was into strobing, I would probably invest in more of this. That said, my Lush skin tint is definitely comparable – though a little more gentle in terms of shine. I do prefer this application though, as it has a brush so you can dot apply, which means you waste a hell of a lot less. If I’ve got a full face of make up on, this is probably part of it. I have to say, it does smell pretty gross though, a bit like Play Doh, but you can’t tell when it’s on!

Sephora Rouge in Charmer

$12.50, by Sephora

This is my baby. It’s my favourite lipstick, most-used, and always in my bag. It’s incredibly creamy, natural and discreet, and subtly feminine. You can see pictures of me wearing it here.


6 thoughts on “Essentials, Makeup Edition!

    1. eBay! My flatmate had the exact same style in silver, and I just had to have one. Literally “makeup case” on eBay, filter for UK sellers, and £19.99 with free postage 🙂 I don’t know how well it would work if you were an MUA travelling to clients, but it works wonderfully just for storing and organising make up, and I have now travelled with it and it survived, so not rubbish quality! X

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