70s: Beauty Challenge

Funnily enough, I actually did quite a bit of research before starting on this one – I was super set on doing Twiggy’s classic eyes, but needed to confirm that I was thinking of the right decade! Twiggy’s rise to fame was in the late 60s and, thankfully, her look continued into the early 70s. Therefore, fun eyes were a-go. Less fortunately though, they kind of turned out a little more difficult than expected, especially as I either have an even more asymmetrical face than I previously though, or I’m just rubbish at drawing lines. Probably a bit of both! I had a lot of fun with this, and having found some incred 70s make up looks (yay for digitalisation and being able to access editorials and magazine covers online), I might have another go and create a different 70s look tomorrow.

Special thanks go out to my lovely aunty (whose home I’m currently living in, too, she’s an angel), who is constant fashion inspiration. I went on a little bit about her here, when I was trying on her late 60s crochet dresses. Knowing that this post was incoming, I demanded that she get some of her polaroids out so I could take pictures of them to show off what an absolute babe she was, and to be honest, still is.

Literally my dream haircut, too. Apparently she used to sleep with her sideburn-y bits taped down, so they’d stay in shape! She was over six foot by 15, and all legs. Some of her dresses in the photo albums, oh my days. Anyway. One day I’ll find the photos of my dad in his platforms and flares. One day.

~ Outfit, make up breakdown and product list ~


Soap & Glory – Archery DIY Brow Bar

Above: bare face on the left, brows and foundation done on the right


Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Extreme
Urban Decay – Naked3 Palette (only used Strange, for highlighting)
W7 – Up in Smoke
Soap & Glory – Supercat Eyeliner

The little tutorial above, actually from a vintage magazine and the ultimate waif Twiggy herself showing us how, was my guide. Source is here.

Initially I used my slanted eyeliner brush to apply black eyeshadow (Coal from Up In Smoke) to create the black line, but it wasn’t solid enough for my liking. I rubbed it off a bit, and then used my Supercat eyeliner pen to draw the curve on. I thought I was doing a good job of following my natural lid, but when I pulled back, the two eyes were slightly different looking. (I later blended it out a bit and added coloured eyeshadow to even them out). I then used the eyeliner to fill in and line my lash line. Before using the eyeliner to draw on those distinct lower lashes, I drew them in using Coal and the eyeliner brush. This helped mark out where I wanted the lashes to be, and also added a nice bit of definition.

For colour, I used X-Factor along the black, curved line, and then blended Thunder in over the lid and down to the lash line.


Rimmel – Lasting Finish Foundation
Beauty UK – blush in Upper East Side
Coastal Scents – contour palette
Maybelline – Stay Matte powder

I definitely wanted focus to be on my eyes, so kept the face simple. I kept it mostly matte, and all powder based, the blush adding a little bit of colour and shine. I used only the white and darkest brown from my contour palette.


Chanel – Rouge Coco in Triomphe


Now, this was a bit tricky. Living out of a suitcase, I don’t currently have my hair dryer, straightners, or hair spray. The top left photo shows me with normal brushed hair. To give it volume, I flipped my head down so all the hair was over my head, and brushed the underside of it. This didn’t give me the blow dried volume or the big waves that only heated-rollers can achieve, but I think it was as close as I was going to get. I gave myself a centre parting and twisted the front of my hair back, pinning it to the sides. A little hippie-inspired.


River Island – trousers
Primark – top
Topshop – choker
New Look – fisherman’s sandals


Again, living out of a suitcase means I had pretty limited styling options available! I love, love these trousers, and have no regrets about buying them – and they were £24 on sale, yes please. They’re very long, and were actually able to hide my cast, which definitely made me quite happy. It doesn’t help that my cast is neon pink and purple, but there you go.

I’m quite certain that I’ll be wearing the trousers to London Fashion Weekend at the end of September, and am currently looking for a new top to work with it. I went with something basic today, and whilst that was a good call as the trousers are loud enough on their own, I would’ve like to have something a little more authentic and vintage to suit the look as a whole.

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly did. Mad props to both my mum and aunty for being so patient, taking photos, and holding my crutches whilst I posed and complained about lighting. Mum is no photographer, but I’m happy with the pictures nonetheless xx


15 thoughts on “70s: Beauty Challenge

  1. Love the Twiggy inspired eye look! I was just reading about her yesterday and loved how she made her eyes so distinctive by the way she applied her makeup! I really like your outfit as well! The trousers have such a pretty print!


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