Late 60s: crochet dresses

One of my favourite things about being in my aunt and uncle’s house, is getting to spend the majority of the visit down memory lane. And not always my memories, either. My aunt is like me: keen to hold onto things, finding importance in mementos, and appreciating the history and stories of certain objects. We love photos, and will often spend time looking through albums. We know our family tree right the way back.

I’ve been here only a few days, and already have tried on rings (my granny’s, great grandma’s and my aunty’s old engagement ring), laughed about the things my mum used to wear (she was very, very out there and folk-y), and tried on the handmade crochet dresses that my great grandmother had made for my aunty! These dresses are from the late 60s, and my aunt must’ve been in her 20s. There were three: a gold, sleeveless shift (not pictured — too small for me!), a bronze shift, and a lavender and silver shift of the same design. The two dresses pictured also had matching purses to go with them!

Both dresses were completely unlined, and definitely on the small side in my opinion! I’d tried them on once before, when I was 12, and they fit then, so I suppose I should be glad that I’ve grown since then haha! My aunt was an absolute rail, and had actually been spotted and asked to model, but she’d declined.

The Bronze Dress


The Silver Dress


So, is there a verdict? Inspiration to be drawn? For sure!

I’ve spent a while online trying to find [affordable] similar pieces, or even pieces that look like they could have been inspired by these dresses, and have drawn a bit of a blank. So, instead of searching for look-a-likes, I’ve decided to focus on the ‘inspiration’ bit — metallic knits, and as a separate entity, crochet!
Interested in what I’ve found? There’s a board dedicated to this post on my Pinterest — that way, if you find something you really like, you can be linked directly to the site! Have a look-see here, my loves. Commentary on the pieces all by yours truly xx


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