The Versatile Blogger Award

Awwww shucks! I’ve been nominated for both a Liebster Award and Versatile Blogger award, and tagged in a cute 11 things post. Y’all are going to learn an awful lot about me in a very short time, it seems!

Last night I was tagged by the lovely Sophie, from Shy Life Living, and I’m super excited to get started. For those of you who don’t know (like me, until last night when I was tagged!), the Versatile Blogger Award is given to a blogger who blogs about a variety of subjects, whilst maintaining quality content. You can read more about it here, as this is the WordPress that started up the initiative. Protocol goes: thank the blogger you were tagged by, share seven things about yourself, and then tag other bloggers to nominate them for the award too! Sounds like good fun, and a great way to discover new content.

So first up, thank you so much Sophie for tagging me! And especially thank you for your lovely mention about how creative you think I am, put the biggest smile on my face. Because I’m not on blogspot, I follow Sophie via Bloglovin’ and you can find her profile here. I really recommend her blog, and for such a new blogger she already has such a fresh and consistent aesthetic! Her photos are top notch.

Seven Things

I restarted university and have just finished my first year at King’s College London, doing a Global Health and Social Medicine BA

I am a very keen traveler, and am desperate to visit Prague and Athens. I’ve so far visited 10% of the countries in the world, which doesn’t sound all that impressive until you remember just how big the world is!

My favourite colour is that deep, tinged blue. Like when the sky has just gotten dark, or when the ocean gets that little bit deeper

Whilst I love, love, love spending money (that I don’t have) and shopping for clothes, nothing thrills me more than clearing out, donating or selling things on! So much joy in chucking things out.

I’m currently doing research and lit reviews on Bioinformation for a book that one of my professors and her Oxford pal are writing, and its awfully over my head

I grew up in Malaysia, and lived there all the way through from playschool to graduation. My parents still live there, so I get to visit in the holidays!

Today was the move-in day for the new flat (I’ll be living with my boyfriend, best friend, and good friend!), but I’m still recovering from surgery and can’t move in for another two weeks 😦 lots of faith in their decorating skills!

All done! Now for the tagging!

I’m going to tag my favorite ladies from the weekly blogger challenge, as this is a great opportunity for me to learn a little more about them with the seven facts, and also because we’re a pretty diverse blogging bunch!

Our admin, the incredible and multi-lingual Jelena
Keen traveler and beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Natália
ournalist and stylist Ana!
Coral, who blogs and everything and anything that’s up in her life
And Katarina, accomplished Serbian beauty blogger!

And now, my ‘in general’ favourite Wordpress bloggers, who I’d love to nominate:

Lindsey! She’s one of my faves, and really knows how to pace her blog content — you don’t get the same type of post over and over again. It’s a fab assortment of advice, lifestyle, polyvore outfits, celeb news, and trend spotting. I love it.
Lisa! Okay, so I followed her after being totally blown away by make up techniques, and in particular, by her review of Mac’s Blankety lipstick. I now follow her on basically every platform possible (little creepy, sorry!). I almost feel bad nominating her for this though, as she’s been totally bombarded by nominations recently!
Laura! Similarly to Lisa’s blog, I was totally captured by one particular post, which then led me to chasing this poor girl all over social media haha: it was her post on dramatic copper and gold eye makeup. Absolutely gorgeous. Her instagram is just as wonderful as her blog.
Taylor! Taylor has her head on straight. She offers incredible advice, and over a range of subjects: fashion, college life, interning and how to be a professional, beauty, fitness. You name it. Also, probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing WordPresses that I have ever seen. Mega heart eyes!
Cindy! Now, I post the odd food-ish post, but Cindy is a true food blogger. She’s also the best kind, mostly because she is an oats expert and oats are BEST. She’ll be starting uni next month, so you can expect some student-orientated posts and college-life tips from her blog too!

PHEW. This was fun! Happy Tuesday xx


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