Fish Face


I appreciate that some context might be necessary.

The Instagram account Undiscovered Muas occasionally runs some incred challenges, and for the first time I was like “hey! I can do this too!” and so I did. Every day has two themes, and you can choose which one you want to do — today’s was under the sea or in the jungle (…I’m really hoping it’s apparent as to which one I chose..)

I google imaged mermaid make up and pretty much instantly regressed to “no wait I can’t do this”, but then bucked up and was like NO I CAN, especially because I do genuinely harbor the belief that not only do I belong in the sea, but also all humans originate from the ocean. So really, no excuses here.

Blue seems to be my current make up colour of choice, and maybe being a blonde/blue eyed/pale/blue-loving/ocean-loving person has something to do with that, but who knows.

I went for: blue brows, blue lips, blue cheeks. I used silver in large amounts. I also used Mary Kay’s translucent powder, which gives you an ethereal glow (yes please!). To create ‘scales’, I read that you could use fishnet (ironic) or something latticed as a template or stencil — you hold the net/lattice to your face, dust the colour over the top, then remove your net/lattice and ta-da you have scale like shapes on your face. Now, the problem here was that I did not have anything net-like. After some attempts, including trying to unassemble my small fan and use the net of an aged Barbie dress (sadly not even being dramatic here, and have the photos to prove it), I gave up. You know, in hindsight, this look made me do some totally mad things. I literally sat in my bed and poured a bottle of water over my head so I could get some wet hair in the frame. Smh.

Anyway. I ended up using a rounded brush (from my W7 Up in Smoke palette) to create rounded dashes in four shades — and this technique made the ‘scales’ on mah face.

Initially I didn’t have any eye make up on either, and had dusted my eyes and lashes with bright silver. It looked super creepy (I loved it), but then I figured I should probably do something, so I made fat and lopsided wings instead. Oops. My product list is also going to be totally whack because I used eyeshadow on my face, eyeliner in my eyebrows, and eyeliner and eyeshadow on my lips. So! All fun and games here, friends. Anyway. Down to how I did it, because that’s what you’re here for I guess, not just to look at photos of me being a smug-ass mermaid.


See? Kinda creepy. Probably because I mostly look gormless, or maybe just dead inside. Oh well.

I used W7‘s “All White” from the Up in Smoke palette. I used it all over my eyelids, up to my brow, and all the way along my eye bags. Like a bigggg mask. I used the same silver on the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, and also lips.

Initially this was it for my eyes, but after finishing the rest of my face I decided to do thick wings using Soap & Glory‘s Supercat eyeliner, and mascara was Blowout from 17.


Eyebrows were a mix of three eyeliners, because I was absolutely making this look up as I went along: I used Maybelline‘s shadow liner in a deep blue to draw basically my ideal brow on top of my eyebrow, and did a tiny bit of filling in. This looked terrible because you could still see my actual brow. I coloured in the natural brow that was still showing with Bourjois‘s sparkling eyeliner in 37, a very pale and silver-based blue. I blended that in. Towards the end of the look, after I’d been applying powders and lots more silver eyeshadow, I decided to line the brows again, this time with a Maybelline shadow liner in dark green, and blended that in. It’s the intersection of these two shades that created what I consider to be my favourite colour: ocean.

So above, and going clockwise from the top left, you can see

  1. The drawn on eyebrow in dark blue looking terrible
  2. The dark blue blended out with the pale blue to actually fill in my eyebrow
  3. The brow is darkened and more defined by using the dark green
  4. And here the colour is darker still, by using both the dark blue and green to touch up and fill in.


Okay so this used no actual lip products, with the exception of the base: my Boots bog-standard lipsalve. I used a couple techniques to get my lips the colour they finished as.

  1. Made them silver using All White by W7
  2. Lining them with my dark blue Maybelline shadow liner, blending that in
  3. Adding more silver. Both from the W7 palette and now also the silver from my Collection cosmetics blue palette
  4. Lining my lips with my black Superliner blockbuster by L’Oreal
  5. Blending that in with more more silver. Then more blue. Bit of green.
  6. Finishing wit Cement from the W7 palette

Okay, little unorthodox. Totally worked. Looked incredible. The finish was amazing, Cement officially looks fab on the lips. Not literally.


I was saving this ’til last because I feel like it could be the most tedious to write. And like everything else, I made it up as I went along. Also, by this point, you’ve probably seen enough photos that you’re going “I GET IT, STOP”.

It involved my Collection Work the Colour blue palette (the scales), All White from the W7 palette (highlighting), Matte Maker by Maybelline (for correcting mistakes on the brows and lips), Feeling Younger by Lush, Lasting Finish foundation by Rimmel (used at the beginning, applied with a buffing brush), and Mary Kay‘s translucent loose powder (for that ethereal, porcelain doll look to finish).

  1. Apply foundation, going for full coverage. I dotted on my face using my finger, and then blended out with my buffing brush.
  2. Highlight. I did this after my eyes, and used the same silver: I did the bridge of my nose and chin, initially. After the scales I came back to do my T-zone and forehead.
  3. Highlight the top of your cheekbones. I used Lush‘s Feeling Younger.
  4. Scales! I area of my cheeks where I did the scales was larger than where I’d normally apply blush — it was on the rounds of my cheeks, but in the shape you do when you’re sweeping upwards along the hollow of your cheek when contouring. I worked the scales all the way up to eyebrow level. Using the Collection palette: I did the darkest scales first (the brightest navy), then the baby blue, then silver.
  5. I used MK‘s powder on my chin, forehead, and also around my nose as there was some redness.

And that’s it!

This was not what I’d call an everyday look, and even when applying it I knew I’d soon after be taking it off (only after taking heaps of selfies though), so I didn’t use any primers or setting sprays. When taking the make up off, I was surprised by how hard it was to get the scales to come off — so perhaps with a setting spray, it’d be a pretty viable option at a costume party or themed night out. And, as before, I’m really in to these coloured brows! Might have to order myself some more fun-coloured eyeliner to have a play with.

Anyway! Sleep tight you guys, and hope you enjoyed your weekend xx


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